Will UCSD rescind?

<p>Hi, i know there's a thread for one guy getting rescinded at ucla but i was thinking maybe ucsd is different. </p>

<p>My friend applied to UCSD as a management science major. However, she ended up getting a D in linear algebra which is required for the management science major but NOT a core requirement (like english). </p>

<p>I went on the economics website and it says you don't have to finish the pre requirements for the majors but that it's highly recommended to do so. </p>

<p>I also talked to the counselor and they said it should be fine. However, I can log in to myapplication.ucsd.edu but she cannot. Her friend is also not able to log in to the website and he failed a class as well.</p>

<p>Will she be rescinded? If you need anymore information just let me know.</p>

<p>Thanks for any help!</p>

<p>I think they have some sort of requirement involving a 2.8 gpa. I can't quite remember if it's that you can't let your overall dip below that, or if you have to get at least that over spring</p>

<p>yeah i think she had a 4.0 before spring semester but i dont think her gpa dipped below a 2.8...maybe it's just a glitch in the system?</p>

<p>i have had a friend who recieved a D in one of his classes and got rescinded and another friend who had the same case but wasnt rescinded. SO i think its a matter of luck. Have your friend contact the office immediately and tell them his or her situation. THey might work out something</p>

<p>I think it depends on your department and the significance of that course.</p>

<p>oh ok thanks a bunch guys.</p>

<p>If you get a D you might get rescinded. If you know you got a D, contact admissions and tell them your situation and they will tell you to write a letter explaining why you got that D. They review it and tell you if they will decide to keep your admissions or rescind it. I was afraid of getting a D too, but I sat my ass down and concentrated.</p>