Will UNC Accept my Dual Enrollment credits?

<p>I'm currently a student at a dual enrollment program.(high school and college simultaneously)
Will UNC accept my college credits? I will have about 45 credits.
How are they with AP scores?

<p><a href="http://admissions.unc.edu/academics/placement.htm%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://admissions.unc.edu/academics/placement.htm&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>That is a link to UNC's list of AP classes which they accept certain scores for and the classes one can become exempt from. It also shows the hours earned if you make a certain score on AP exams.</p>

<p>I am pretty sure they accept dual enrollment from this quote on math placement:</p>

<p>"Dual enrollment – if you completed a dual enrollment or other college math course with a C or better, be sure to send your official transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as the transcript is available so that it can be evaluated for credit before orientation."</p>

<p>I'm in the same situation as you, but with about 70 credits. Once you finish up with your final quarter/semester from college, you need to have an official transcript sent from the college to UNC Admissions. Over the summer, UNC Admissions will figure out which courses will transfer. If you want to, you can go to the Admissions site to look at the Transfer Course Equivalencies page, where you can look up the college you are currently attending. Then, you will be able to see roughly how your courses transfer. Now, if you are registered for CTOPS anytime before August, as I am, you will need to go ahead and register for classes at CTOPS, then change your schedule in August when UNC will be able to tell you the results of the transfers. Finally, for your AP scores, there is another page on the Admissions site that shows what scores you need to receive in order to place out. If you are taking the AP tests this year, then the scores will be unavailable until July, meaning that, similar to the college course situation, you will need to adjust your schedule in August accordingly. Basically, it is really confusing! Don't hesitate in contacting Admissions because, believe me, I have already done so many times, and they are extremely nice and helpful! You can also contact me, but I will probably just confuse you more ;)</p>

<p>Cloying can vouch for this but I'm pretty sure they accepted a ton of her credits that she took at another college.</p>

<p>They took a lot of my AP scores, I came in with 31 credits from 9 AP classes.</p>

with those 31 credits, were you sophomore standing when you first came in?</p>

<p>UNC was very good about taking all of ldgirl's credits from an oos high school/community college dual credit program.</p>

<p>Danny I have no idea haha. I don't want to graduate early (I'm probably going to double major with a minor) but I think sometime in the future I can register with the class a year older than me or something.</p>

<p>Son entered UNC as a new Freshman this past Fall. He came in with 12 APs which earned him 56 credits at UNC (no transfer credits). Even though he had Sophmore credits at the beginning of the first semester and Junior standing second semester he still was required to register as a first year both semesters. For registration purposes a first year is required to register as a first year (Freshman). For the upcoming Fall registration he is registering with all of the rising Sophmores. Our understanding is that when he registers for the Spring 2009 semester he will finally be able to register based on his actual credits and not based on his college start date. The advantage of having all of the APs is that he has been able to skip over the entrance level classes. First semester he did not have a class with more than 45 students. In addition, with so many prerequisites out of the way he can easily double major (and have a minor) while also taking some classes that are interesting without regards to necessarily fulfilling graduation requirements. As an aside - both semesters of the 2007-2008 school year he has gotten all of his first choice classes using the drop - add period.</p>

<p>I took two years of courses at Guilford College before I came here and they took every single one of my credits, plus a few APs. They'll take up to 70, I think. I came in with 63 or something like that.</p>

<p>I want to stay here for four years so I didn't go about declaring sophomore status, but just keep a copy of all your syllabuses from those courses and your official transcript. I went in for an advising appointment early this semester and went through all my classes, seeing what perspectives they'd fill, etc. They're so nice about that sort of stuff, and if what you take is pretty standard (or it doesn't even have to be - my environmental ethics course transferred over).</p>

<p>I will graduate with 45 college credits and I would like to stay there for 4 years, but I would like to knock off at least one year so I can save money(as an OOS).
So,Cloying, you had the opportunity to declare sophmore standing? I thought you would declare junior standing since 60+ credits are for juniors....right?</p>

<p>I think UNC is fairly generous with accepting credits but if you have been accepted, I would certainly ask the registrar or admissions how to find out.
They also award credit based on your SAT scores, if high enough you can exempt various courses.</p>

<p>You still are first year students is my understanding and not recognized as "sophomores". Most students double major when they come in with credits....because otherwise they would have to leave Carolina too early....and they really dont' want to leave.</p>

<p>Danny, you're right, I could've gone for junior status. A lot of people from my high school are going pre med and are doing that here. The way it works, I believe, is your first year you'd be a first year, but then you apply for junior or I guess it would be senior status around this time and so next year would get those benefits of parking, etc. I could be wrong about this because I didn't get that route, but I'm pretty sure. Admissions would be happy to help you out with that.</p>