Will USC read my NMSC Essay?

<p>So, I kind of want to re-use my NMSC semifinalist essay for the USC essay question, because it totally fits the prompt. Do you think USC Reads the NMSC Essays or do they just get a list of the finalists?</p>

<p>i’m pretty sure that USC doesn’t get to see your actual National Merit application and instead just receives a list of students who designate USC as their first-choice school and are awarded Finalist-status by the NM people</p>

<p>my memory is kind of fuzzy, but i’m pretty sure that i talked about the same topic for my USC and NM essays last year</p>

<p>just try to make some differentiation between your two essays, especially because your essay for USC can be longer than your essay for NM (correct me if i’m wrong)</p>

<p>so maybe elaborate more on my USC essay?</p>

<p>okay, cool. I just didn’t want them to read both and be like ‘uh these are about the same thing’</p>