Will we win today???

<p>We're winning!!!

<p>Poor Tavecchio… heh<br>
Defense was impressive. Strong, competitive game…Congrats to Oregon.</p>

<p>Defense was really surprising. Looks like we figured out the Oregon offense. Too bad for the missed field goal though =(</p>

<p>Oh god, I felt so bad for the field goal kicker… Great game though. Cal played them really tough and the student section looked like it was a blast today. :-)</p>

<p>Not a fan of the garish gold jerseys and especially with gold pants. Looked like Teddy Bears playing in their PJs. </p>

<p>I say ditch the Nike uniform contract and go with Adidas (like UCLA, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska)…back to classic blue jersey/gold pants at home and white jersey/blue or gold pants for away.</p>

<p>we just need a lot of uniforms like Oregon. lol</p>

<p>And Tavecchio has cost us two games now. tsk tsk</p>