Will West Virginia Universtity accept me ?

I have a 2.9 unweighted 3.3 weighted I’m out of state student from florida and I did 4 years varsity baseball 2 years varsity golf and 1 year varsity cross country. Do I have a chance if my dream school of WVU

Do you have SAT or ACT scores? What year are you in and do you have time to work hard and pull up your GPA a little bit?

my sat score was a 1010 and im a senior this year.

1010 sat and sadly this is my senior year I keep thinking WVU is gonna reject me cuz that’s my dream school

WVU will more than likely accept you. It may depend on your major. I wish you well as my 2019 just received the acceptance letter this week.

Update I checked my status today and I’ve been accepted.

Congratulations @fordw5900 on your acceptance! My S was accepted and we will be visiting the campus for the first time in a couple of weeks to he how he likes it.

Congrats everyone !!