Will Work for a Chance

For like, Williams, Haverford, Brown, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, Wesleyan, etc, etc, etc, etc

Hi, at this point who even knows. Someone out there please validate me or give me some coherent criticism to latch onto.

Maybe I’ll just move to Mongolia and become a shepard, what’s the ED acceptance rate with that, are my extracurricular strong enough for sheep herding?

How does one herd a sheep?

In America all zebras are in the zoo and we’re ok with that. You’ve never seen a free zebra.


GPA: 4.4 weighted, ~3.75 unweighted
(highly competitive school; #1 public school in state) (multiple students get into to each ivy regularly, including Columbia)

Tests: ACT 34C: 36 reading, 36 English, 34 math, 29 science, 12 Writing (wrote an essay about how football allows for and facilitates eugenics, I honestly believe like a neo-nazi graded it the whole thing was a joke because I got an 11 the first time)

770 SAT Subject WH, InDuS RIver VAlLeY cIvIliZaTiOns
800 SAT Subject US History, MANIFEST DESTINY > Destiny’s Child

Born in Europe, live in the south; white male (hope my diversity is a hook), Judaism is my only hope

AP scores:
(Sophomore year)
World History: 5
AP Stat: 3, and I cheated thanks to a fire alarm. Jesus I’m bad at math.

(took these junior year, obviously a very humanities skewed student, I know…
Science scares me)
Human Geo: likely 4
Apush: likely 5
Gov: likely 5
Art History: likely 4
Language: Could be anything
European History: likely 5

Taking AP Psych and AP Lit next year

I took all APs my junior year so I hope that stands out. I have no intention to take calculus (does that hurt?), that’s why I took stat sophomore year after taking precalc.

Number confuse and haunt me.

“Mason What do the numbers mean” but that’s me everyday.


Varsity Lacrosse and Varsity Soccer (2nd in state and 4th in state respectively), might try to walk on for soccer
Club soccer for 10 years

Wrote a play that got selected along with 100 others, out of 800, to be performed at a festival
Short story published in a literary magazine
Write for School newspaper on mostly political and global things, had an essay about Zionism rejected, wonder why, it’s the deep state

Co-president quiz bowl, selected for National All-Star Academic Tournament to represent my state, placed highly at nationals with school
Member of history bowl, finished 2nd in state history bee, qualified and participated at national tournament

State Legislative Page (taking them down from the inside)
Intern with state democratic party doing data management (Yep)
Internship with non profit in New York City that dealt with connecting policy makers with policy experts (Also yep)

College Essay:
Topic: Expressing myself through my writing, I’m a strong writer and feel confident about my essay (Wrote it in Aramaic to demonstrate my advanced IQ and intelligence)

Both very good, from my European history teacher and my civics teacher; both knew my quite well and were close to me (but like everyone they eventually left)

Potential major: Political Science, History, etc – still mostly undecided, either/or isn’t an option, thanks Kierkegaard

Your ACT score is good, but with the science subscore five points lower than any of the others, maybe it’s worth a morning of your life to take the SAT which doesn’t have a science section.

How did you end up so far ahead in math (precalc freshman year?) if are so math-averse??
Some colleges will ding you for only taking two years of math in high school, even though one of them was an AP.
(What are you taking besides psych and lit next year? Anything math-adjacent, like computer science or symbolic logic or something?) You might want to inquire at a few admissions departments about whether there will be any issue with the number of math classes. And science. You must have some science classes to graduate, right?

Anyway, you’re in pretty good shape stats-wise. It’s a matter of finding schools that are a good fit.
What are your constraints, other than a school without arbitrary STEM requirements?
Cost? (Do you need financial aid, merit aid, or neither?) Geography? (Open to schools outside the Northeast?)

Would you enjoy a Great Books college like St. John’s (MD and NM) or Thomas Aquinas (CA)?
Or an “alternative” college like Hampshire or New College of Florida?
Or are you looking for a traditional college that just as as few distribution requirements as possible?
(Canadian U’s might be worth a look too, as they tend to have lighter “breadth” requirements and more focus on the major course of study.)

Anyway, to answer the “chance” question, your stats wouldn’t keep you out of any of those schools (though being qualified doesn’t necessarily mean acceptance at schools that can only accept a small percentage of qualified applicants); but look into specific math/science coursework requirements (or “recommendations”-that-are-really-requirements.) Just for example, from the Wesleyan admissions site:


The Admission Committee encourages students to take a most challenging program of courses, and recommends that it include at a minimum:

4 years each of English and History/Social Science
A single Foreign Language through the fourth year
3 laboratory sciences including Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Math through Calculus

So, you may need to search a bit, for schools that are more flexible in what they are looking for. But then, that’s going to be the kind of place you’ll want anyway!