Will you give me this Christmas gift??Can you please give your suggestions??

<p>I'm in this dilemma now,confused and need to clear my mind up to enjoy this yuletide.I actually intend going into the medical field because I care about people and want to help the elderly and people in poor communities. As you could see from my stats, <a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/transfer-students/1262918-what-my-chances-transferring-pleasee.html#post13648729%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/transfer-students/1262918-what-my-chances-transferring-pleasee.html#post13648729&lt;/a> I have volunteered at a local hospital, couple of non-profits, and tutor kids in a run-down urban after-school program.After perusing the Cornell website,I realized that my interests fall perfectly in line with Human Ecology and its Human Biology,Health and Society major.I really want to transfer to Humec but by the time i would have transferred,I would have taken all the following courses lexcept the Biology with lab(I'll take Psychology in the Spring).I'm worried whether this will affect me in the admissions process.These are their requirements</p>

<p>General chemistry with lab (must be taken first year)
Introductory biology with lab
English composition
Introductory psychology</p>

<p>When I called Humec Admissions Office abt it,they were like,all their competetive applicants have 1 year of Biology and Lab also.They even advised i take Bio and BioLab during the summer and indicate that in my application.However,my college adviser suggested that I should apply to CAS(who do not have any required coursework for sophomore transfers) for their major in Biological Science and their minor in Inequality-which is also a perfect combination for my interests...What do you think??</p>