"Willa Chen is one in a million. And then some" (Detroit, MI)

<p>Perfect</a> times 3: Canton High student aces ACT, SAT, and PSAT | detnews.com | The Detroit News</p>

<p>"The 17-year-old Canton High School senior accomplished what only one person in 5,000 does -- nail a perfect 2,400 score on the SAT. But it didn't end there. She also netted top scores on two other college success predictor tests -- the PSAT and the ACT. Only one person in 1,000 and one in 14,000 does that, respectively. </p>

<p>The nonprofit organization the College Board administers both the SAT and PSAT. Scoring perfectly on both is so rare the organization doesn't track those statistics, let alone the probability of also scoring perfectly on the ACT, which is run by a competing nonprofit. </p>

<p>"I've never met anybody that talented who is also so gracious and so humble," said geometry and advanced placement calculus teacher Karen Ludema. Ludema is also one of Chen's favorite teachers -- a teacher who "makes calculus fun."</p>

<p>She was accepted to the University of Michigan and Massachusetts Institute of Technology but will attend Princeton in the fall. She fell in love with Princeton's campus on her first visit and always considered the university her first choice. She plans on studying applied math or computers, but she's keeping her options open. (continued)</p>


<p>Wow. Congratulations Willa! Welcome to Princeton.</p>

<p>I've never heard of anyone named Willa before...</p>

<p>Unfortunately, at my high school, we had to read one of Willa</a> Cather's novels in English class. Her name lives in infamy alongside "Jane."</p>

<p>not even Willa Holland, the girl who played Kaitlin Cooper in the OC? Well i guess she isn't that famous...</p>

<p>and, why exactly did she deem it necessary to take both tests to get a perfect score?</p>

<p>that's just stroking one's ego...</p>



<p>Willa ****ing Cather.</p>

and, why exactly did she deem it necessary to take both tests to get a perfect score?</p>

<p>that's just stroking one's ego...


She's from Michigan, that's pretty normal.</p>

<p>I (sorta) know her!
She lives in the town next to mine.
She's really cool.</p>

<p>And lockn, "She's from Michigan, that's pretty normal."????
Ehhh not really??</p>

<p>You</a> get to take the ACT for free.</p>

<p>Oh yea, those MMEs... I forgot.
But still, many people choose not to take SAT, being the Midwest.</p>

<p>lol I like these articles you post, Ptongrad. It's nice when kids get recognized for doing good in school rather than bringing a gun there...</p>

<p>agreed w/ IBfootballer -- that's just silly. </p>

<p>i'm sure tons of other perfect scorers could have "aced" both tests had they any desire whatsoever to take one test after getting a perfect score on the other. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>I knew other kids" aced "the tests ,too.</p>

<p>Will and I are good friends. She is a sweetheart!</p>

<p>And um, those of you who think she is stroking her ego, she took the SAT before she got her ACT scores. She needed to take the SAT after the PSAT for national merit or whatever. We are all required to take the ACT to graduate. </p>

<p>So don't bash someone you don't know.</p>

<p>Here's another side to Willa: <a href="http://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2009/03/two_area_girls_finalists_in_mi.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2009/03/two_area_girls_finalists_in_mi.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>EDIT: haha, that's my old calc teacher :).</p>