Willamette Academic Rigor

First off, a disclaimer: I know very little about Willamette and I am fully aware that stats are not everything. That said, I’m definitely looking for an academically challenging school, and I am worried by posts on other threads that Willamette isn’t that. (I’m currently a senior in high school, have a 4.0 unweighted gpa, and have 6 AP scores of 5 (apes, apush, world, bio, calc bc, lang.)) Additionally, if anything knows anything about Whitman I would love to hear more, because I’ve read some comments about lackluster classes there. If there are answers to any of this on another thread, I’m sorry - I’ve been unable to find enough information. Thanks!

Auracle, you have a stellar GPA and test scores which will open doors at many schools. My son went to Whitman with similar grades and scores, he reported that the academics were very challenging. There were 3 classes out of the 4 years he was there that he didn’t think were worth the time and money but I think that’s pretty much the case wherever you go. He also got a nice chunk of merit aid and had a great time.

I do know some graduates of Willamette and they really enjoyed their time there, however I have no direct experience to share. Good luck with your search.

I think Willamette would be a safety for you (assuming you show interest). You would be near the top of the academic pool there. Usually that also helps lower the cost for you, too.

I think the answer to this question is more about you than the school. Are you the type who will take advantage of every opportunity? Will you squeeze the most juice out of an opportunity? Most US colleges have a lot of great profs and opportunities for motivated students (partly due to the oversupply of PhD students that give schools a lot of options for hiring qualified profs). If you stay motivated even when you are one of the higher performing students, then a school like Willamette could be great for you.

One of my kids is that type of student. She attended her safety, which was a school a lot like Willamette (took the merit aid and ran, I say). She had a great experience, lots of opportunities, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa. It was the right choice for her. But my second kid is a high performer, but needs to be pushed to sustain it. When allowed to slack, she does. She wouldn’t have done as well at that type of school.

If you can, visit Willamette while it is in session and ask to sit in on a class or two. That should help you decide.