Willamette Class of 2023 EA

I’ve found this forum useful in the past, so I thought I’d start this thread.

We got a nice big YES envelope from Willamette earlier this week. I hope others have heard good news too!

Accepted w/ 3.4 UW GPA and 1460 superscored SAT. Congratulations to everybody else!

Accepted!!! 3.7 weighted, 1450 Superscore, 32 ACT.

Accepted! 4.425 weighted GPA, 32 ACT. Congrats/good luck to everyone!

My D was accepted 3.5uw/3.7w, ACT 25/26ss. $19k Merit, recruited athlete.

Congrats on the acceptance! I was accepted as well with a 4.12w/3.77uw GPA and a 1220 SAT! This school is definitely on my top choices!