Willamette Drugs/Partying

I’m wondering if there is an extensive amount of partaking in vices at this college. Do the students feel safe in terms of being sober if they choose or do they feel pressured and left out by their peers?

Thanks in advance!

My daughter is a junior there and isn’t a partier. She’s never felt pressured. She does say she sometimes smells pot in her hallway, especially last year, but I think you’d find that most places (and I think it’s been more the case that a couple of kids will hide out and smoke pot rather than the whole floor/ dorm/ etc).

My daughter, a sophomore, says Willamette is not a big party school. People find the friends that have their values. If your kid doesn’t want to party, they won’t be pressured. If they do, they will find like-minded students. She has friends at other liberal arts colleges and large public universities and she has said that Willamette is very tame compared to the stories she hears from her friends.