Willamette Early Action

Anyone else waiting? We’re camped out by the mailbox here.

Big envelope came today with YES on the back, but daughter is still at school! Portal doesn’t indicate anything…

Envelope just arrived!

Son is in with $25K Trustees’ Scholarship!

34 ACT, 1500 SAT, 4.0 GPA, 12 APs total, National Merit semi-finalist. Standard ECs, club president, two part-time jobs, a couple volunteer positions.

Very excited to be a Bearcat!!!

The envelope just came in with a large “Yes” on the cover.

We are all super excited for the future now.

My kid also got the 25K/year trustees. I am told that is the max merit amount, of course need can net more.
Not sure yet if she will attend or go elsewhere.
We never got any portal info that I know of.

My S got in with 18k merit, but he has much lower stats–1240 SAT (lopsided: his verbal score was 680). He’s a homeschooler with some dual enrollment classes at the local community college, but he has a math phobia. We have a very low EFC and out of pocket for Willamette would be 23k for us, so he will probably choose elsewhere.

My daughter got in with 25k merit plus $5500 student loan (wants to do theatre so still needs to apply for that. Her stats were MUCH lower than those posted. Perhaps this is because we are in the Midwest. 22 ACT/ 3.4 unweighted GPA (4.3 weighted)/ O AP/ NHS. I didn’t read her essay but it must have rocked.

I’m only posting so those with less than perfect stats don’t get discouraged. I never thought she would be admitted but for her to attend the aid package would need to increase. My husband was laid off so our FAFSA figures are nowhere near our current income so I need to contact the school and see what there procedures are for supplemental information.

What exactly is a “Willamette Award”? I got one, which is nice. I just want ton know more about it, but nothing comes up when I google it.

It would be good if everyone on this thread could post stats so people could know what to expect from Willamette.

I don’t think it means anything in particular. They have different names for different levels of merit awards. I believe trustees is the top, presidential is below that, and some more below that.

I got in and received the trustees scholarship last week! 30 act, 1450 sat, and in my acceptance letter they pointed out how much they enjoyed my common app essay and the subject of it was a deciding factor. It’s an exciting offer, but I’m waiting on california schools.

Oops. I misread S’s award. Correcting for anyone interested in comparing stats/awards if they’re considering Willamette for RD. He was actually awarded 22k in merit, not 18 as a originally posted.

@tobers36 Rock on! I’m a high school English teacher–I’m always telling my students about the power they’ll wield as skillful writers. It’s good to have some solid proof! Care to share the topic of your essay? It’s so tough to choose something that’s not cliche.

I’ve now seen 4 acceptance letters and all call out specifics from the essay. Nice personal touch.

DD applied regular admission on Jan. 4, received acceptance today. $23,000 Dean’s scholarship. 4.0 unweighted gpa, lots of AP and college classes. 29 ACT. She attends a public high school in a small town but attended a semester school the fall of her junior year of HS.