Willamette University, Salem, Oregon

This place is a cesspool of human misery. As a recent graduate I can honestly say that going to Willamette was the worst mistake I can imagine having made in my college choices. I’ll go into as much detail as people want, but please do not let them suck you in with their empty promises and their nice campus. This university has broken people I cared about, and most of the campus seems to regret their choice to be there, from the students who can’t leave because of Willamette’s bizarre credit counting to the administrators and staff leaving in droves. They have whole offices with no one working on them, including career counseling. Do not go to this school, you will regret it.

Hello, my daughter and I are scheduled to visit next month (March 2018). I would like to learn more about your experiences and perhaps get some guidance from you on specific questions to ask during our visit. Thank you.

It would be great if the OP could go into more detail. The post was alarming, but without specifics it seems easy to discount. Daughter2018 – did you visit Willamette, and what were your thoughts?

My daughter was accepted to Willamette for its comprehensive Asian Studies program and Pacific Rim exchange program. We visited the college & actually liked it. It’s not as picturesque as Lewis & Clark but it was nice. The dorms we were shown were very nice too. Willamette also provided my daughter (OOS student) with the BEST FA package. She hasn’t decided yet because we’re waiting on a couple more schools but all in all, it seemed nice to us. It’s right next to the state capital which, if you’re interested in politics, seems like a good way to get an internship too.

Hello goodgraces, yes we visited a couple of weeks ago for Bearcat Days. We were very impressed with the caliber of programming and faculty, and it seemed there was a genuine interest on the part of the faculty to forge quality relationships with the students over the course of all four years. Coming from Boston, the campus and surroundings were were a bit quiet compared to what we are used to. I was actually surprised that the capital city of Oregon was so quiet - this was a bit disappointing for us as we were hoping for a more vibrant city environment.

Curious where your daughter ended up and what she thought of Willamette and their Asian Studies program?

As I recall, Willamette was very nice. There’s not too much to do in Salem though. She ended up selecting Lewis & Clark in Portland which was a much better fit. She’s a Foreign Language/International Affairs major. L&C has a wonderful program too. She was supposed to be in Japan right now. Due to covid restrictions, she has to attend her semester abroad in Japan during the fall of her senior year. I can’t say enough good things about L&C. The program at that college is wonderful & her advisors are fantastic. Good luck in your child’s decision process!