Willamette versus Midwest LACs (Beloit, Lawrence, Knox, Wooster, Oberlin, Grinnell, Mac, etc)

Anybody been to Willamette and some Midwest LACs who can compare them?

Willamette is one of the Colleges that Change Lives. It can probably best be compared to Beloit, Knox, Wooster, Grinnell. Oregon is very laid-back. WU sits across the the street from the Oregon State Capitol, great for internships. It has a nice vibe and great academic buildings. Dorms are old, but supposed to be renovated. Very small greek scene.

Wooster student here. I’m a big fan of the school and have loved my time here. As an overall feel, the school is very friendly and welcoming, I’d call it warm but given all the snow that just doesn’t seem right. Academics are fantastic, especially because of our yearlong senior capstone project that every student completes with a faculty adviser. Beyond that, all students are able to do research in their time here, regardless of major. The town is 26,000 and growing rapidly, and has a food scene which is one of the best in the state. Short drive from both Columbus and Cleveland and the school has plenty of connections in these cities. We’re also finishing up construction of a new dorm building and life sciences building, meaning almost every building has been built or renovated within the last 15 years or so, so facilities are excellent. 2,000 students is I think the perfect size because it feels small but still has a good amount of diversity and offers a lot.