William and Mary chances?

<p>My high school GPA will end up being like a 3.8. I got an 800 on the SAT II World History but am not taking the SAT I until September. Also, I took one AP last year (World History) and got a 4. I was on the debate team as well as the school newspaper. This summer I will be volunteering for various political campaigns throughout my county and also want to volunteer for NAMI. What SAT score should I be aiming for? Is there anything specifically that can help me get in? I am an out of state student, however my grandmother lives in Virginia and I would just live with her I think. I'm kind of freaking out here, afraid that I won't get into a good enough school. ALSO, I'm home schooled.</p>

<p>Anyone have any advice?</p>

<p>Hey PMelillo,
I am applying to W&M too! If I were you, I would try to kick up the extracirriculars. This could be hard, because you are homeschooled, but perhaps get a job, become involved in a recreational sport, or pursue a talent/interest. Could you attain any leadership positions? You have great test scores and gpa so far. I wouldnt reccomend living in VA, colleges prefer to see that you have attended school and paid taxes in VA, rather than lived there for a few months.
Good Luck!</p>