William and Mary or UVA

<p>Just wondering what my chances are for getting into UVA or William and Mary
I live in New Jersey and am a white Caucasian male
I am going to be a senior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School south, which is a very competitive school, and one of the best public schools in the state.
UVA legacy, my dad went to UVA in the 80s</p>

<p>GPA weighted 4.14
GPA unweighted 3.75
SAT 2110
SAT 2s, US 790, WH 740
ACT 32
Aps, US 4, WH 5, Euro 5
Top 25% of class
Many honors and AP classes</p>

<p>All eastern Band
All state band 2 years
Regional Band 4 years
national honors band</p>

debate club
mock trail
Spanish club
red cross club
relay for life
Marching Band
Pitt Orchestra</p>

Class treasurer
Band treasurer
Band secretary
Marching Band Brass section leader
Lifeguard Supervisor</p>

library- 20 hours
Hospital-125 hours</p>

congressional candidate- over 300 hours</p>

<p>Work experience
worked as a lifeguard for the past 3 summers accumulating over 900 hours
worked as a soccer ref for 9th and 10th grade, accumulated over 200 hours</p>

<p>Not only are your scores right on target, but the legacy factor further bolsters your chances at UVA! Plus, your ECs are spectacular. You have nothing to worry about at either instituion, even as an OOS candidate!</p>

<p>You are in at both places.</p>

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