William and Mary or Wake Forest

<p>I have narrowed it down to two schools and wish to do early decision to one of them. I like how William and Mary is near colonial williamsburg and i also have family there. But i have heard its a very "nerdy" school. I loved wake forest but it seems very trapped in. Which should i choose?</p>

<p>As a mom, I'd say that your indecision means neither is a good ED option for you. </p>

<p>(You do have more than 2 schools that you plan to apply to, right?)</p>

<p>Well thoose are the two i really want to go to and since my grades are not outstanding i feel that i would greatly risk not getting into either if i did apply ed. Also i feel that not doing ed would only prolong the decision if i got into both.</p>

<p>Here's a recent thread about it:</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/college-search-selection/904335-william-mary-vs-wake-forest.html?highlight=wake+w%26amp%3Bm%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/college-search-selection/904335-william-mary-vs-wake-forest.html?highlight=wake+w%26amp%3Bm&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Haha. This is quite a choice. Luv 'em both. </p>

<p>Students at both places work very, very hard, but I think that Wake students are a tiny bit more relaxed. Maybe it's their larger sports scene which provides constant entertainment to an audience of students that likes to support its teams.</p>

<p>I also think that the Wake students have a little bit stronger sense of identity. Again maybe due to affiliation with a major sports conference. Or maybe the fact that Wake is a private college that, like it students, is very self-reliant. </p>

<p>Not that W&M doesn't have identity. It definitely does....in spades...and history!....but it shares the local spotlight with Colonial Williamsburg which is more prominently nationally than is the College of W&M. </p>

<p>Both schools are overshadowed to different degrees in their home states by flagship State Us in Charlottesville and Chapel Hill (Wake relative to CH more so than W&M is to U Virginia). Both schools enroll large numbers of students with a sense of humility and just a bunch of good citizens. In comparison to other, more highly touted schools, W&M and Wake grads are often better prepared, don't carry a sense of entitlement and almost always work better with others. </p>

<p>If IS for W&M and cost differential is large, it's hard to recommend Wake. If you're a non-Virginian, then you know that you really can't go wrong with either. My sense is that Wake is slightly easier to get into ED than is W&M OOS, but this is so variable that it's questionable to even post this thought. </p>

<p>Good luck with your choice!</p>

<p>thanks to both of you, that was helpfull</p>