William & Mary Class of 2027 - Early Decision I & II

Congratulations TribeMomma!!! #GoTribe!


I’m sorry about the deferral, @lahurley01 . Your son sounds like an amazing kid!


Congratulations to everyone newly accepted! My sophmore D emerged from her W&M final exam prep/paper-writing haze for a moment to tell me that ED decisions are happening now!

Hugs to those with disappointing news… there’s a fine school out there for you, though the waiting is hard.



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Any idea what percentage of deferred are eventually admitted? My DS is willing to do whatever it takes!

I can give you some info on last year’s numbers. There were 18,087 applicants for 1643 first year spots. About 34% of the class was filled with early decision applicants. So that left 1079 remaining spots to be filled by the regular decision student pool of which your son is now a part.

For men, 6841 applied, 2661 were admitted, 725 enrolled. They took only 4 students off the waitlist last year.

My son will be in the regular OOS applicant pool along with yours (if he ever gets the application done!) and I know it’s a stressful time. If there are other numbers you’d like, let me know and I’ll try to find them.


Thank you! Best of luck to your son:). Do you know if W&M is still offering the Verto study abroad pathway? The school doesn’t appear to be on the Verto website any longer.

I’m not sure about this. I did find Verto info on the WM website. You probably need to call WM to clarify this. Maybe the WM site is not up to date. Spring Pathway Option for Waitlisted Freshmen | William & Mary

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DD Admitted ED! We are all so happy here. GPA 4.12 (W), IB diploma candidate, SAT 1480. Main EC is vocal music but also taught coding to elementary school girls. In state. Made a lot of contacts with the counselors, visited, wrote really nice essays. Intended majors are
computer science and classical studies. Good luck to those who were deferred and congrats to those accepted. Have been through it all (this is my third) and it all works out one way or another.


Hi! Former W&M undergraduate here. Based on what you have shared about your son, I feel as though he has a great chance of being admitted when regular decisions are released. Please encourage him to continue to demonstrate interest. A letter/email of continued interest certainly wouldn’t hurt - or at least connecting with an admissions counselor in some way. W&M is serious about admitting qualified students who demonstrate consistent interest in wanting to be there (whether through correspondence, physical visits, virtual “visits,” etc.) Best of luck!


Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! My DS sent off a LOCI today with details on the professors and students he connected with and why W&M is his home. He just walked in the door from boarding school in his favorite Tribe t-shirt and I almost cried. I love how he is playing the long-game and not giving in to near-term stress or road blocks. Its a good lesson:)


He’s got such great perspective at his age. Especially in a culture of instant gratification. He sounds like a perfect fit for William & Mary. Honestly, pm me if you would like. I’d love to advocate on his behalf.


ED2 just announced! Anyone? Welcome to the Tribe!

Disappointed family here. Lots of school visits to check out campus, meet people (students and faculty) , excellent academics in competitive Northern Virginia (LOUDOUN) and received a deferred decision just hours ago.

So sorry! My DS was deferred ED1 so I know your pain! There was a 25% increase in ED1, so I assume ED2 was equally competitive. Best wishes for RD round!

the only reason I can think of could be the low SAT. Did you report the score or test optional?

Early decision applicants were up quite a bit over last year which will lead to more being deferred into the regular pool. I expect to see the admission rate tick down this year. It’s a stressful time waiting. Mine is in the regular decision pool, too.

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Thanks for the best wishes. Yes, I saw their press release about the 25%. Agreed - the ED2 applicants were probably up a significant amount as well. SAT was 1400 so that’s in the middle of their range, so not sure if that was the issue. Who knows. The entire process is not transparent and does create more stress.

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I was surprised the ED2 decisions came out so early. Was expecting “early February”. Hoping this is a good sign that RD will be released early as well!! Hang in there!

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does anyone know whether or not W&M accepts the students they defer from the early rounds? because I saw UVA very low deferred acceptance rate, so I was just wondering if that was the case with w&m