Williams Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

I think you have the wrong mindset going into your application season. Colleges don’t have tier lists for activities (such as having, as a rule, that MUN is better than choir). The needs of the college, particularly when it comes to small LACs, often serve as the determining factor over “caliber,” as you put it, since the college is looking for a well-rounded class that contributes to all aspects of their campus. Thus, a mediocre bassoon player might get in over a highly skilled violinist, since the band needs another bassoon, rather than yet another violin. This also applies to other aspects of the applicant, such as geography (ex: a qualified candidate from Wyoming has a much better chance than an equally qualified candidate from California).

Take me, for example. I would say I have pretty strong and relatively unique EC’s and accomplishments. I applied to Amherst, Williams, and Colby, all of which had an overall 8% acceptance rate this year (although lower and perhaps varied for RD). I got waitlisted at Williams, and into Amherst and Colby (pres. scholar :)). Now, do I think that the “caliber” of my EC’s got me into those schools and waitlisted at Williams? I don’t think so. I firmly believe their decisions were based on what they needed in their class this year. Of course, levels of leadership and talent will help your admissions decision, but at the end of the day, it is the need of the college that prevails.

At the end of the day, college admissions at highly selective schools are really a crapshoot. Almost everyone who applies there is perfectly qualified and would contribute something meaningful to the institution.

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@PerformingDude ty for that!

Trying to decide Tufts vs Williams…anyone have any advice?

In terms of academics, grad school and post grad opportunities, I would give the nod to Williams. Tufts is larger but if you compare on department by department basis, the number of faculty members is similar. At the same time, Williams has a larger endowment, so resources are great while its a smaller school. Tufts is also part of NESCAC.


College Confidential is the closest thing I have to social media. Is there a Williams parent group that is full of good information? Or can I rely on the school to communicate everything I need to know?

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There is an official Williams Families FB group run by the college. I think they’re waiting until the decision deadline tonight to invite class of '25 families. Does that sound right, @Meddy? I’m in it b/c my daughter took a gap year, and they didn’t bother to kick us out.

Yes. They said I would have to wait.

Message me if you have any pressing questions. I can post for you…as long as they’re not embarassing :laughing:

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Thank you!!

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Feel free to message me with any questions - my son is finishing his first year. Happy to help.


No move in dates for first years yet?

Nothing so far. I checked the academic calendar and the first day of classes is Thursday, Sept. 9th, so maybe around August 27th, assuming it’s in-person and EphVentures is on. :crossed_fingers:t2:


This week’s campus update (sent to students and posted on Williams’ website) says that they are hoping to confirm the dates at a meeting next week.


Move in day will probably be Mon Aug 30

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Did anyone receive their Williams email address yet?

No email address yet.

Nothing for my kid either.

@Pnwfamily @Willownest I asked my daughter, who was accepted last year, but took a gap year. She said that she thinks she got her Williams email address in late June or early July – which they promptly rescinded once she officially deferred her enrollment. Hoping they get them earlier this year since the enrollment decision date was May 3rd. Last year, they pushed the enrollment deadline back to early June b/c of the pandemic.


@gotham_mom @Willownest @Meddy My son emailed Williams they said students would have access to email “starting May 18th”. Not sure what the starting means.


Thank you. Maybe they’re acknowledging that many of our Gen Z’ers aren’t necessarily email-oriented :wink: