Williams College lesser known facts

Hi, I’m an international student that applied to Williams College a couple of weeks ago and as I don’t know any of the Williams students, I was wondering if any of current students/parents of students could tell me something about Williams that I can’t maybe find on the internet or through info sessions. I’m interested to hear what you have to say, especially if you are a psych major! Thank you in advance.

The thing that comes to mind is that international students tend to become some of the most active alums at Williams. They tend to really develop a strong bond with school. What part of the world are you applying from? You might try to reach out to Williams alums in your area.

Though you could find this on the internet, you might not notice it. Williams graduates more economics majors (18.4% in a recent class) in comparison to other colleges and universities.


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I’m applying from Serbia, Europe.