Williams College - Waitlist 2025

Just starting a thread because I haven’t seen one. Has anyone received anything or have an idea of when they’re going to start admitting people off the waitlist?

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hi! they sent a notification that they confirmed my spot on the active waitlist.
according to their website they will start releasing decisions few weeks after may 3, so pretty soon

Yeah, you got that right after you accepted your spot on the waitlist on the portal, right?


The thread seems pretty quiet this year, kinda makes me wonder how many people are waitlisted this year and how many are accepting the waitlist

Did any of you guys get contacted after May 1?

I submitted the form only yestersay, and I just asked two of my classmates who also got waitlisted, and neither of them received anything besides the confirmation email.

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No contact yet.

Bummer that the class of newly admitted students was so much smaller this year. We can all imagine not being on the waitlist if there were another 150 extra seats. Says a lot that Williams was willing to accept a smaller enrollment for the next 3 years as the class of 2024 rolls through.

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Hi guys, any updates on Williams waitlist?
I have heard they accept people from WL based on the date we submitted loci, is that true?

@tmy , I am not an insider, but that would be a highly unusual practice.

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Any international students on the waitlist just had requests for financial aid documents appear in the portal?

Not according to Williams’ own mail sent at the time of the waitlist decision. And no reason to disbelieve them.

yea, i hope so.

Hey, I’m a waitlisted transfer but the transfer threads are kinda dead so I’m over here. That said, in terms of general waitlisting, I was just wondering if anyone here submitted multiple LOCIs or did theirs a specific way or uploaded any documentation. I helped start a social justice initiative at my campus and the school press did an article about it and I was considering uploading the article since it might help to look more accomplished but that could also be intensely pretentious so I just wanted to see if anyone here did anything unique with their LOCIs or if it was a terrible idea

For freshman waitlisted applicants, there was a text box with no word limit to submit a LOCI and updates, so I don’t think there’s any need for multiple. Sending multiple could
be perceived as eager, but considering how little time they have, it could also make what you mention seem less impactful. LOCI should be no longer than a single page, in total. I think multiple may be okay as long as it doesn’t exceed that length combined! And linking the article doesn’t seem pretentious IMO; you could state that you formed the club then in parenthesis provide the link in case they care to read more about it.

Is that a sign?

No, I haven’t. Have you? If so, it might be a good sign for you :slight_smile:

I think they are likely limited by housing.