Williams Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

Did anyone else apply to Williams for transfer this year? I am anxiously counting down the days until decisions come out.

I did! An admissions officer just reached out to ask if I could submit an academic paper for them to review, so hopefully that’s a good sign. How’re you holding up?

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Extremely nervous, Williams is by far my top school. I submitted an academic paper along with my application, but I don’t know if I am that sure of my application as a whole. Let’s hope for the best though :smile:

Hoping for the best and hope to see you at Williams later this year!

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When do decisions come out for transfers?

Using the past years as reference, decisions seem to come out in early April.

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Anyone get decisions yet? Mine was released. I was waitlisted!

I got in!


Congrats!! That’s awesome!

Thank you! I really hope you can get off the waitlist!

Rejected :frowning:

any update of your transfer? how many transfers they admitted this year?

congratulations! when did you submit your transfer application? so, you join their sophomore class directly, right?

Best of luck/congratulations to everyone! I’m excited to see the new transfers for next year.