williams, pomona, dartmouth, amherst

<p>how important is demonstrated interest at each of these schools? they are my four favorites and i think i am applying to williams early. that being said, i am sure that i would love any of the schools and i want to consider how likely it is that i get in to each before i apply ed anywhere.</p>

<p>They probably all care about it to a degree (Dartmouth the least) but I'd say applying early to any of them is easily sufficient for demonstrating interest. It's hard to distinguish them based on selectivity; they're all very selective obviously.</p>

<p>Actually, most have a very small chance at any of the 4.</p>

<p>Yeah, all are pretty competitive. I would check out the common data set of each school to see how they rank demonstrated interest.</p>

<p>Being smaller schools that tend to lose the yield battle to HYP, demonstrated interest could be the difference between acceptance and rejection. The clearest way to demonstrate interest is by applying ED.</p>

<p>If you are male, the gender disparity in application to LACs may help you. For example, a couple of years ago the female admit rate to Pomona was 10%, the male rate was 20%. Look at each Common Data Set for each college and estimate the acceptance rate.</p>