Williams Transfer 2025

I reached out to admissions and I was told between 15-20 were offered admission and that approximately 20 students were offered a position on the waitlist.


Wait seriously? Wow that makes me feel a lot better being waitlisted. GL to everyone else waiting :slight_smile:

Honestly hoping there are some that got accepted into Yale or Pomona at this point haha

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Any idea when people on the waitlist might hear back?

Not a clue. I did submit an update recently and they added a transfer Q&A page fairly recently that was linked in the update acknowledgment email: https://www.williams.edu/admission-aid/transfer-waiting-list-frequently-asked-questions/
If you go to the page, it says if they have room to admit off of the waiting list, they’ll begin in early June and finish at the very latest, July 30th, if not earlier

Just got an email, the waitlist is now closed/no more offers are being sent out :confused: