Williams Transfer 2025

Who all have applied to Williams transfer this year?

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For applicants looking to transfer into Williams, note that its acceptance rate for this group (recently 3.9%) does not appear especially welcoming compared to what you might encounter at some alternative destinations.


What are other alternatives that one can consider? I guess March 1 deadline has crossed.

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You can use Common Data Sets and websites to generate further ideas. As an initial suggestion, look into Hamilton, which offers a transfer acceptance rate (23%) in the vicinity of that for first-year admissions and an April 1st cut-off for applications.


For international students, it says, if we request
financial aid, we are at a competitive disadvantage and I would need financial aid.

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Williams maintains a need-aware policy for international applicants as well, however.



Are you applying anywhere?

Anyone knows when are decisions

I guess around 14th of April.

Here is a link to a Williams Record article on the regular decision numbers:

Decisions came out around 3:04PM EST, and it is April 5th. I was rejected. Good luck to everyone opening!

Rejected too! :frowning:

Rejected as well - first decision too ;___; Hopefully it doesn’t set a precedent for the rest. Apparently Amherst is also coming out this week so fingers crossed! Good luck to my fellow transfers who also applied to Amherst - this app cycle is a wild one :,)

True. I have also applied to a few others.

Nothing can be predicted with even an ounce of certainty this app cycle.

Waitlisted. Probably slim chance to get off of it?

Right… Now im scared for my other ones…

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Since yield will be hard to predict, there may be movement off the waitlist during this unprecedent year.

Did Williams announce how many it accepted?

it said “a handful” on the letter, so i would assume it was probably sub-5% acceptance rate.