Williams vs Duke vs Princeton

<p>i've gotten into these 3 schools?? i've heard that social life at princeton isn't amazing....compared to duke.... williams is a great school but isolated......
i need someone to convince me to go to princeton....haha idk</p>

<p>krbx, Even though these three schools are very different there are definitely overlaps in the kind of students who attend, so I can see why you would find it difficult to choose. You would get an excellent education at any of the three. Without knowing anything more about you (I suppose I could search your background, but I think you're the one who should be supplying the details) I can't offer much in the way of advice.</p>

<p>Williams is significantly smaller. Isolated? Maybe a better description is insular, self-contained with a cohesive community. Classes are small and the faculty accessible and supportive. Academics are extremely rigorous. Most Williams kids are multi-faceted and involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including the arts, community service or sports or out-doorsy activities. The kids are outgoing, friendly and very social. The firstyear entry system, the tutorial program, and Winter Study are positive points of differentiation.</p>

<p>Why do you need someone to convince you to go to Princeton? Princeton is a great college with amazing resources and a big name. If that's the style of learning that suits you best, why are you hesitating? If, on the other hand, you want a smaller, more intimate environment then Williams is your best bet.</p>

<p>i think your deep heart says princeton ;) am i right?</p>

<p>i bet it does.. i'm korean, and i understand that koreans look for reputation (not a bad thing). and i imagine everyone else around you is saying princeton.</p>

<p>yeah.. that's what i was thinking best_wr</p>

<p>GO TO PRINCETON! Tigers c/o 2009! </p>

<p>(All are great schools-- I got into Duke also, but I chose Princeton because of the invaluable undergraduate attention @ Princeton, and its incredible reputation [it counts]).</p>

<p>bump.......still haven't decided yet but i will have to this week.....</p>

<p>If you need someone to convince you to go Princeton, I'm sure the Princeton board will be very helpful. :) But really, if you need convincing to go Princeton, then perhaps Princeton's not the right school... Good luck!</p>