Williston Northampton Riding Program?

<p>Does anyone know anything about the horseback riding program at the Williston Northampton School? Right now I go to the Grier School. I don't really like it, except for the riding program, right is why I'm returning next year. Does anyone know how the two riding program's compare?</p>

<p>My friend goes there and loves it!</p>

<p>My Ds rode against Williston Fuller in the IEA. They seem to go to a lot of the shows. Write to the coach for more info. If you really want a strong riding program that is part of the school also look at Miss Porter's, Ethel Walker and Dana Hall.</p>

<p>Riding programs emphasize different things, so the "better/worse" measurement is an oversimplification. You may want to look at things like future goals, Western vs. English, time available, proximity to school, dress code, cost, Perelli vs. whatever, number of horses, etc. My d ended up making other criteria a priority and now rides only at home. But that works too!</p>