Willpower vs. Fear - Essay

<p>Africa, a hazardless place filled with danger, excitement and unprecedented beauty. Living in South Africa, nature has always been part of my life and hardwired into my being. As a adventurer and nature lover I embarked on a journey to the hart of Africa. The climax of the Kalahari Perseverance course is a fifty kilometre march through one of the most untamed areas in Africa, the Central Kalahari. Its remoteness, unforgiving climate and harsh terrain have kept it pristine and only the fully self-sufficient traveller would venture here. </p>

<p>Here I am, 17 years old, 6’o clock in the morning, fit as a horse, surrounded by twenty other brave brothers. Looking over the mystic grass planes to the vast distance that needs to be covered before sunset. Equipped with only two litres of water, one energy bar and the fear in our harts we start our journey. Never before have I been faced with a physical and metal challenge of this magnitude. Am I fit enough? Am I mentally strong enough? Is it worth the suffer? Is it worth risking my life for? These were the thoughts that raced through my mind when I took the first step. </p>

<p>There is no turning back now, I’ve come all this way and by giving into Fear’s demands I will be subject to ultimate failure. Walking through the thick sand, attacked by ants with every step, the merciless sun squeezes yet another drop of water out of my body. Ear deafening silence amplifies the sunbeatle’s harmony and for the first time, I am one to one with creation. </p>

<p>Nine kilometres before the final waypoint the course co-ordinator appeared out of the bush… I knew something was wrong. To take precaution against wild animals he and the other facilitators drove the route in advance and spotted lions stalking wildebeest about 200 yards away from our position. Suddenly my heartbeat doubled, ears deafened and my vision went blurry. My greatest fear had become a reality. Hungry lions were standing between me and one of my greatest accomplishments. With no protection at all we as a group of men decided to face fear and risk our lives for the thing we have bled and sweat for, ultimate victory. Huddled together to form a unit we commenced our journey. Drawing closer to the pride of lions, our breath the only sound echoing through the Kalahari desert. Seeing their wild and unpredictable eyes which will penetrate anyone’s armour of courage, we walked around the pride to the safety of the pickup trucks.</p>

<p>In dead silence we stood and watched the mystic kings of the jungle. Thanking them in our harts that we my live another day. Completing the 50 kilometres just before the sun set over wild Africa. </p>

<p>This experience showed me that your willpower is something that can be used to do unimaginable things and that it is the fear in our lives that constraints us. It is often said that the one who wanted it the most eventually achieved success. I am Franco Liebenberg and my willpower knows no limit.</p>