Wilson Hall/Dorm Selection

My son has decided to attend MSU and will be in Engineering/Computer Science.
Everything we heard was pointing him towards living in Wilson Hall, being part of the CORE program and potentially living on an honors floor.
Are there any other options he should consider? Any other buildings to live in?

Looking for any suggestions, thoughts, or opinions.

Highly recommend living with engineers. Son lives in Wilson and loved it. Plus classes are at Wilson hall.

Not an engineering major but many of my friends are! They lived in Wilson their freshman year. Honestly, besides it being hot (all dorms are), they loved it. I moved to Holden (next to Wilson) the second half of my freshman year and was so happy with south neighborhood. I liked the food at Case, late night at Wilson (not sure if they still do it but I heard they do), and the bus stops are right next to there. Plus, some of his classes will be downstairs. Trust me, if he goes anywhere else, he will regret it in the mornings when he gets to school.