Windows movie maker

<p>Okay...I have made this movie that is 9 minutes 55 seconds long....</p>

<p>EVERYTIME I try and publish it, so I can put it on youtube it restarts/quits/freezs with 35-80 seconds left.</p>

<p>I thought if I took the 3 songs off it would help, but it did not affect anything.</p>

<p>Any ideas? I'm ticked. I have been trying to publish this thing for 3.5 hours!</p>

<p>that's because windows movie maker is terrible</p>

<p>Try exiting EVERYTHING you have open when you run the program.</p>

<p>what did you save the file as? because the default movie maker type WMMV?, often isn't compatible with online uploads. save it again as a different file type, mov, mp4 etc. it would tell you immediately if the file size was over the max.</p>

<p>a heart like this, i bet you are trying this on vista. and you shouldnt publish, you should save the video file. whenever you do the normal save you are saving as a project.</p>

<p>any other good publishing software out there?</p>

<p>I used to use Windows Movie Maker with my videos. Are you saying it doesn't work when trying to upload it? If you save it as a Project, it won't work on Youtube. You need to do File-->save as movie file--> onto the computer. It will save in .wmv format which will work on Youtube. Nowadays, I use Sony Vegas for my's much better than WMM and it gives much more options.</p>