Windows on Williams 2020


I’m very interested in Williams College, everything from its strong alumni network, generous financial aid, and interesting Oxford tutorial style courses. I have recently found out about “Windows on Williams”, a program for high-achieving students who couldn’t otherwise afford to visit Williams. I’m very interested in applying for the Windows on Williams program for the fall of 2020. However, I also have a few questions to ask:

  1. For the section on the application that says "Please submit an essay or paper written for an English or social science class during the 2019-2020 school year", does it have to be a creative writing piece, or can I submit a research or novel analysis paper full of quotes?
  2. Do students who get accepted into the Windows of Williams program have a higher acceptance rate compared to students who don't even apply for the program (people who have no idea about Windows on Williams)?
  3. I have heard that some individuals who unfortunately didn't get accepted into the program still receive a personal email, fee waiver, and chance to talk with admission officers. Do these kids-who didn't get accepted, but still applied to the program-still have a higher chance of getting accepted ED when compared to normal applicants who did not even know about Windows on Williams or did not even apply to it?

I hope that Windows on Williams won’t get cancelled or something because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation. I still have not had a chance to visit any college because of the ongoing situation, and don’t even know if I will be able to in the near future. I am really looking forward to submitting my application, as I am really passionate about applying to Williams College.

Thank you!

Welcome to College Confidential, @Gingiber !

2 is a definite yes. Students in the class of 2022 who attended the program were told that by the admissions staff. Getting into and attending WOW means you have an excellent chance of being admitted as long as your actual application is equally excellent and no red flags pop up.

1- I believe it’s any paper, and more people will submit the analysis type of paper, but you always can ask your admissions officer directly to be sure.

3- I was in communication on College Confidential with someone who was rejected from WOW but then got into Williams regular decision. So a WOW rejection does not mean you are out of the running. I don’t know what the odds are.

Yes, the COVID 19 situation is horrible. Very hard to predict what the future will bring. A lot of pre-admissions programs are being offered virtually this spring instead of actually. It’s anyone’s guess what may happen by the fall. Let’s hope for normalcy.

Good luck!

I actually had the same exact questions, so thanks for making this thread. I submitted an analysis essay of a novel and I was nervous that it wasn’t an approved form of writing.

Looks like they been able to move all of the admissions programming online. Of course, if you can visit, it is an amazingly beautiful place.

Any news on acceptances or rejections for WOW?

They came out on Wednesday

Just found this thread. Did anyone else get accepted?

I got in


There are two deadlines for WOW applications – the second round of results comes out by Sept 1.

Congratulations!!! They have done a great job replicating the look and feel of the in person experience. Be sure to contact the professors you are interested in, they will respond to student inquiries after the event and provide good insights over all. Almost all WOW participants comment on how helpful and friendly the profs are.

I got in. Pretty surprised but also disappointed because there won’t be an in-person event. Still really excited, though.

@gregsanchez Did you apply before the first or the second deadline?

Don’t be disappointed. Our daughter got accepted this summer to the most selective music camp, and then it was moved online. First we thought of withdrawing - but we didn’t - and it was awesome! Smart people learn fast how to adjust to the new reality, you can be sure of that.

Second round is out! I got in!

does anyone know if they accepted more people this year?

Nope. All fly-ins (at least the ones I emailed) said they kept the same selectivity as any other year.

Are you sure? I know for Bowdoin’s fly in they did increase the number of people they accepted

Who told you that? I know I heard speculation about it, but the Bowdoin rep I emailed said they accepted the same amount of people as any other year.
Please tell me you aren’t getting your info off of reddit. Its a bunch of kids speculating.