Winning strategies for 2100+ ?

<p>I am looking for winning strategies for 2100+--I know some courses focus with this goal in mind. My D did some prep over the summer, so she's got decent PSATs and knows the drill, but don't know what new or different to add to the mix to get study smart to get to the next level for spring SATs.</p>

<p>-Get her Direct Hits 1 and 2 vocab books from amazon, they are worth it, she must memorize.
-Get a princeton review SAT practice tests book and the official study guide.
-Practice with the princeton review book (a section or two a day), and use the official tests sparingly. These tests are the best indicator of progress so she should only take them when she has four hours to replicate a real environment.
-Spread the official tests out, make sure she doesn't use all of them too soon or she won't be left with any practice material.