Winter 2011- Transfers Accepted/Denied/Pending?

<p>Post your current status for your application to the UW (and update it when you do hear back)</p>

<p>We are now almost 1/3 into the month of November, and I haven't received my letter either way yet. I will update when I hear either way</p>

<p>For the record, I applied in late August</p>

<p>I still haven’t heard back yet either. I applied in early September, so I was cutting it pretty close. From what i can tell no one has heard back yet though. Hopefully we find out soon.</p>

<p>my unoffical transcript just loaded on the myuw site, no letter in the mail yet though</p>

<p>My transcript also loaded earlier today at about noon actually. Its got me fairly excited. But i am afraid to get too excited without getting something in the mail. Ha. But I guess I have never heard of a case where someones transcript loaded and they weren’t accepted. Have you?</p>

<p>My unofficial transcript loaded today too! Congrats all around — see you all at UW!</p>

<p>Got the letter and packet.</p>

<p>I’m in! Good school, but I’m not looking forward to the commute.</p>

<p>ebonics, congrats! what type of stuff is in the packet exactly? I’ve always wondered what the next steps it listed in it are.</p>

<p>To everyone else: yay! presumably that means we’re in. I’ll feel better when we actually get the packet tho to confirm it. I have no idea why they’d assign us a student number/class level/major etc if we weren’t in though (it’s listed on the unoffical transcript)</p>

<p>My transcript loaded too but I’m still nervous</p>

<p>did your guys’ status change at all?</p>

<p>My status stayed the same. The only thing hat changed is that my unofficial transcript loaded.</p>

<p>same as previous poster.</p>

<p>iloveudub- did your unoffical transcript load (if you applied for winter 2011)?</p>


<p>The packet has Enrollment Confirmation instructions, a letter detailing what steps to take in regards to setting stuff up online, and page if you want to decline admission (lol). All of this is in addition to a separate letter which is the official acceptance.</p>

<p>Just a heads up to other people who might have made/will make the same mistake I did. Here’s the story in cliff notes:</p>

<p>-Applied to UW Bothell and UW Seattle
-Accepted to Bothell
-Today (November 10) is the last day to confirm admission for Bothell. Not hearing back from UW S, I decide to pay the fee to hold a spot somewhere for Winter, just in case. I go in and fill out paperwork and give them my payment info. My profile isn’t completely updated so the cashier said they would wait to confirm me until later then charge my card.
-Go home, check mail, get UW Seattle acceptance.
-Go online and through the checklist to find some horrifying news as described below from the UW Welcome website.</p>

<p>“If you have also applied to UW Bothell or UW Tacoma, you may receive more than one offer of admission from the University of Washington. However, you may accept only one offer of admission; you may not accept offers of admission to more than one campus. Please make your decision carefully. Once you have confirmed your intention to enroll at one of the UW campuses by submitting the required forms or paying a confirmation deposit, you will no longer be eligible to confirm enrollment at another UW campus.”</p>

<li>I freaked out, called UW B to cancel the confirmation, but they weren’t there. Went into my bank to deactivate me debit card so they can’t charge it to confirm me.
-Now I have to hope I can get in touch with people there ASAP to shred and cancel the UW B confirmation.</li>

<p>Not sure if anyone has heard of this happening. I really hope I don’t get burned by this. I’m kind of mad though because none of the UW B stuff said anything about this one campus confirmation rule. I really want to go to UW Seattle and don’t want it being ruined by this ridiculous turn of events.</p>

<p>Anyways, the moral of the story: Don’t confirm at a UW campus you don’t want to go to because you will be stuck with it!</p>

<p>ebonics: wow that really sucks! good move by canceling your card. Just be lucky you got the UW-Seattle letter yesterday instead of a week from now, when all hope of changing things is lost.</p>

<p>I only applied to seattle, so I’m either in or out</p>

<p>Did any of you get a letter today? I’m in the exact same situation as most of you guys. Unofficial transcript loaded but status still says, ‘‘this message will not change unless…a final decision is made.’’</p>

<p>I think I’m wondering the same thing as everybody else: has anyone had their transcript load but been rejected or wait-listed?</p>

<p>sepheeroth, no one got a letter today. It’ veteran’s day :slight_smile: no mail delivered.</p>

<p>I doubt they would bother giving a student id to those rejected/waitlisted…but if that’s the case I’m sure one of us will report.</p>

<p>Mt status hasn’t changed, but unofficial transcript loads. Just FYI, I’m an veteran and in-state transfer w/ 70 credits and a 3.5 accum. My GPA is low, but I wrote an outstanding essay, so to others applying make sure you spend time on it, it helps!</p>

<p>Just waiting for acceptance packet now.</p>

<p>Are all of you Transfers trying to get into Winter 2011? </p>

<p>Is there a different process for Freshman?
I didn’t get that transcript load thing like you guys did… so maybe I didn’t get accepted?</p>

<p>In my personal opinion…if your unofficial transcript loads…be excited, but cautious until a letter is actually received a mail. If the unoffical transcript doesn’t load…it’s quite possible it will later, I would wait until the letter before thinking you <em>didn’t</em> get in.</p>

<p>I will be posting when I get my letter, and I hope everyone else here does the same…whether you get in, don’t…or don’twant to say…at least confirm when you’ve gotten a letter so we can know when to expect ours…</p>

<p>What does everyone’s unofficial transcript look like? Mine is virtually blank minus my 3 years of foreign language from high school and SAT scores. According to the transcript, I have 0 transfer credits.</p>

<p>Also, I’m confused about several aspects of the myUW site. How do we access email? How do we check payments such as the NSEOF fee?</p>

<p>Did your status change before you got the unofficial transcript?
Mine says, “We have received undergraduate admission application(s) for one or more UW campuses and/or programs below. To view your application information, click on the appropriate link.”
I hope I still have some hope…</p>

<p>I haven’t gotten anything in the mail yet… =/ Then again, do you think it’s because I sent my application last minute? I sent it on September 10…</p>