*Winter Break Plans!*

<p>My plans for winter break:
1. Learn calligraphy
2.Learn origami
3. Learn the Bhangra (An Indian dance)
4.Learn archery
5.Take a psychology course online (I have a lot of interest in this topic)
6. Learn different kinds of braids (for my hair)
7. Learn to draw realistic trees
8.Study photography
9.Get ahead on AP World notes</p>

<p>Only 10 days left!!! :)</p>

<p>What are your plans/goals?</p>

<p>Nice list! Good variety!</p>

<p>I seriously need to write out a list like yours!</p>

<li>Finish BF's Christmas gift (let's just ignore the fact that Christmas was yesterday....)</li>
<li>Do homework (3 essays, 2 books, practice exam, study for midterms)</li>
<li>Clean my room</li>
<li>Read a book for fun</li>
<li>Do homework</li>
<li>Finish scholarship apps</li>
<li>Finish college apps</li>
<li>Do homework</li>
<li>Organize files on my computer</li>

<p>Did I mention do homework?</p>

<p>So much homework!</p>

<p>I wish I had more things planned.</p>

<p>1) Wait for my Christmas gift (wouldn't ship from Korea)
2) Clean
3) Learn Korean (hard :( but fun :) )
4) Relax: music, reading T.V.
5) Preparing for Chemistry next semester.</p>

<li>Clean my room</li>
<li>Get ahead in physics</li>
<li>Learn the whole third quarter of calculus, with the help of my lovely tutor</li>
<li>Finish Gatsby for english class</li>
<li>Study Spanish</li>
<li>Play lots of tennis</li>
<li>Read a good book for fun</li>

<p>Probably not going to get to all of those, but there's hope. I have 15 out of 19 days left! :)</p>

<p>1) Get ahead in APUSH and AP Chem (take notes, etc...).
2) Start self-studying AP Environmental.
3) Finish my ten essays for summer programs.
4) Memorize a piano sonatina.
5) Learn 3 pages of a Schubert Impromptu.
6) Clean my room.
7) Organize all of the files on my computer.
8) Finish a video game I'm playing :).
9) Read a book.
10) Attempt to workout at least once.</p>

<p>I have nine days left... this is slightly disappointing...</p>

<li>Do Homework plus some extra credit for abstract algebra</li>
<li>Go mountain biking</li>
<li>Practice guitar and finish learning the solo to Hotel California</li>
<li>Continue doing P90X workouts</li>

<p>Including today I have seven days left.</p>

<p>Do you guys seriously do all of that for fun? I like the holidays because I get a break from learning, except for homework, but why do you guys still learn non school related things over break? Anyways, here's my plan:</p>

<li>15-20 page APUSH paper due in 2 weeks</li>
<li>APUSH notes</li>
<li>Physics test the day I get back</li>
<li>Work out (gotta have dem gains)</li>
<li>My mom scheduled like 5000 doctors appointments this week</li>
<li>Play tennis</li>
<li>Hang out with bros</li>

<p>Seven days for me as well. :(</p>

<li>Finish my take-home test in AP Calc.</li>
<li>Practice Guitar (learning Carol of the Bells with my bro who plays bass)</li>
<li>Study and do some minor HW</li>
<li>Go to Chicago for a day or two</li>
<li>Buy the Steve Jobs biography and do some reading</li>
<li>Do my housing and scholarship stuff</li>
<li>Skyrim!!!! </li>
<li>Set up my new computer</li>
<li>Play a pick-up game of football with my chums</li>
<li>Go to my neighbor's New Years party (if there's one night in my senior year that I let my nerdy self go--it'll be that one ;) )</li>
<li>Watch my Badgers beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl! (a man can dream...)</li>

<p>Hopefully, it'll be a productive/refreshing break.</p>

<p>You guys have lonnng breaks. Nineteen days? notevenfair.</p>

<li>Catch up on reading novels for history</li>
<li>Do history</li>
<li>Finish algebra [!! I can't wait. mainly so I don't have to keep telling people I'm fifteen and doing algebra 1. haha.]</li>
<li>Read my new C.S. Lewis books <3</li>
<li>Study for my permit</li>
<li>Edit/memorize speeches and work on debate for my first forensics tournament in a couple weeks</li>
<li>Clean my room</li>
<li>Hang out with my big brother who is home from college</li>
<li>Research/plan stuff for college</li>
<li>Do a biology lab and report</li>

<p>I don't really know the meaning of break. but that's okay. I like to stay busy.</p>

<li>English project</li>
<li>Study AP Calc and Bio</li>
<li>Keep learning Java</li>
<li>Play video games (haven't been able to in soooo long)</li>

<p>I have until next Wednesday.</p>

<p>I only have seven days left. :O</p>

<p>Umm, let's see:
- history day project (haven't started at all. lol). Due in a couple weeks...
- read Great Expectations
- lots and lots of music to practice... unbelievable -__-
- finish Psych reading
- review the fundamental theorem of calculus (and do accompanying hwk) </p>

<p>Despite all that homework, I still plan to carpe my diems by playing video games, of course. </p>

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