Winter Clothes for UPSTATE NY!!!

<p>So i'm a girl from New orleans and i will be going to Syacuse U next fall. I need suggestions on what to buy and where to buy it for winter!! im a clueless on brands of snow boats and heavy coats....since we don't really have a winter down HELP!!</p>

<p>When you arrive campus next year, you likely won't need anything right away, as it will still be summertime. As soon as fall arrives (or when high tempertures don't exceed 55 degrees Fahrenheit), you'll need a light fall jacket, warm sneakers (don't be one of those people who wear sandals in 45 degree weather), a hoodie, and warm pants. You'll need to dress warmer and warmer as the semester progesses. When Winter weather finally arrives (in November usually, although has snowed in October) you'll definently need a heavy winter coat, a winter hat, gloves, and boots. You may also need a scarf, and leggings/undershirts to wear under your clothes in extreme conditions. Now winter coats can be bought anywhere, from the mall to chain stores such as Old Navy and Burlington Coat Factory. The same goes for hats, gloves and scarves. For boots, if you're going to be on a budget, try shopping at Payless Shoes, They have many different styles of fall and winter boots to purchase. Just as long as you dress according to the weather, you should be fine.</p>

<p>If you're gonna be out for a long time get wool socks. I find that even with boots my feet get cold with regular socks.</p>

<p>I'd go for a North Face jacket...some people say that they're pricey, but I think they're worth it.</p>

<p>North Face coatts and Ugg boots will be VERY common. If you have some sneakers and one heavy jacket or coat that can handle tempatures in the 30s, then I would wait until you see what others have before buying expensive things, like North Face jackets. You may be an exception, but most people want outerwear that will be socially acceptable.</p>

<p>Just reading through the are some additions for everyone moving 'up north' from warmer climates. I live in upstate NY, so don't think you'll need all this stuff in say - Philly. For the Buffalo, upstate NY, VT, NH, ME, & parts of Mass. this should be useful.</p>

<p>-Unless you're going to be outside for a long period of time, long underwear aren't necessary. 99% of the time, buildings have their heat cranked up around 80 during winter.</p>

<p>-Plan on bringing warm clothes. You may not think it will be cold by October/November, but the first snowfall is usually around then. During that time of year the weather fluctuates like crazy, shorts and a t-shirt one day, jeans and a hoodie the next. Plan on doing a LOT of layering.</p>

<p>-One good coat can make all the difference! Those 3-in-1 Columbia jackets are really popular, especially in windy communities. They really do get worn all year round, despite the fact that peacoats are generally cuter. Northfaces are everywhere too (alongside Columbia jackets), so pick whichever you like better -- i've found that they're extremely similar in quality.</p>

<p>-Gloves are a must. So is lotion, for all those times when you forget your gloves and your hands get chapped! Scarves are also great, as are earmuffs. You WILL get cold.</p>

<p>-Ask students how warm the dorms are in the winter. Some places keep it 65 all the time, others crank the heat there as well as the other buildings. If it's the former, a down blanket is amazingly warm and can be used for 3 seasons.</p>

<p>Basically, plan on layering your items. Make sure you have tshirts, long sleeved shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and coats. Bring comfy, warm sweats for days when you feel like being lazy and bring an extra blanket or two if you hear the rooms are on the chilly side. Flannel sheets are a godsend, unless your dorm is a sauna like mine. Zip up fleeces are everywhere as well -- Old Navy usually has a ton for about 10 dollars, or you can grab a North Face one for significantly more. I would definitely stress getting fleeces or bringing a lot of hoodies though - they are AMAZING for fall/spring days, or for layering underneath a winter coat when it gets bitterly cold. Finally, don't worry about getting boots before you go to college. You will know by mid-October or early November if you want some, and you can always pick them up over parents weekend or Thanksgiving break. Uggs are everywhere, and they're certainly nice and warm, but make sure the get the waterproofing liquid with them so they do not get stained, and consider completely waterproof boots instead of Uggs if you will be walking through a lot of puddles or unshoveled sidewalks. Uggs will result in wet feet if you're walking through anything wet for any length of time.</p>

<p>I know that was pretty long and marginally repetitive, but I hope it helped!</p>

<p>You're providing more info than I ever could, because I don't live in NY. I live in southern MD and go to school in the mountains of northwest MD, but I am very familiar with the fluctuating weather. One day it will be 35, the next it will be 55 or 60. That's what we've had since late October. When I left on the 15th, it was probably about 50 degrees outside. It's crazy, and because I was really looking forward to snow, I'm not happy with the fluctuation. But NY weather sounds similar to northwest MD weather, so I'll be the second to emphasize the importance of fleeces and hoodies. Most college kids swear by them :).</p>

<p>I'm from Upstate NY, and have lived in the deep south.</p>

<p>My advice is to buy your winter clothes once you get to Syracuse. Then you can see what other students wear. It's not as if Syracuse doesn't have stores, and believe me, due to their weather, they'll have plenty of winter clothes that you can buy. No reason to buy your clothes now and then have to bring those bulky things to college only to find out that the other students are dressing differently and more efficiently.</p>

<p>Thanks a bunch looking forward to it!!!</p>

<p>Son wears microfleece shirts (Northface, Landsend) and a jacket (layers). Daughter wears flip flops (even today, and it is snowing).
Keep in mind many of the older dorms rooms (centralized heat) as well as packed lecture halls are very warm.</p>

<p>I usually wear a thick jacket with a shirt underneath and regular jeans. You should have a beanie/earwarmer and a good pair of gloves as well. I second the brands mentioned by other members.</p>