Winter in Philly...Shoes/Boots?

<p>My Southern California kid is heading to Philly for his freshman year and is insisting he will be OK wearing his "skateboard" shoes in the winter. Of course, he does not want to listen to his Mom but I think I have talked him into getting some boots. Someone suggested Timberland Boots...could someone educate this winter neophyte on what "footwear" would be appropriate (and not make him look nerdy) ;) </p>


<p>My Northern Ca kid did not wear any of those winter clothes (long johns, thermal underwear, wool socks) I bought him when he went to Philly. He insisted it was not that cold and nobody wore bulky clothing. I don't think he wore any special shoes during winter. </p>

<p>My advice is to let your son buy the winter clothing/boots in Philly. He may not wear them if he doesn't see anyone else wear them. You don't want to waste money like I did.</p>

<p>I agree- let him see what other students are wearing and he can then order online, buy locally or tell you what he needs. My son wore cowboy boots most of his winters in Phila, but that's just him. It does get sloppy/slushy. Some sort of Northface-type jacket that is waterproof is a must. It rains a lot. Cold rain. With lots of wind. Lovely.</p>

<p>He bought a North Face jacket, so he has that covered....literally, and I guess I will just wait for his call that his feet are wet and freezing!! </p>

<p>Thanks so much....</p>

<p>Don't be upset when he tells you that his feet are getting too cold in his flip flops..... :)</p>

<p>He is a surfer, so I wouldn't be surprised!! And he was told...not to bring his UGGS...way too!!</p>

<p>1) Agree with MomofWildChild: Don't give any sympathy if he calls to say his feet are wet and cold when he's still wearing flip-flops.</p>

<p>2) Philly doesn't typically get * that * cold in the winter. Now mind you, I live in Buffalo now, but I did spend a couple of years way back when in central NJ and we go back to visit H's relatives every Thanksgiving as well as in the summer. But really, Philly doesn't get that cold. Yes, your son will have to deal with some snow and some cold snaps. But the highs are often in the upper 30s and 40s in the winter, so it rains more often than it snows during the winter there. And when it snows, it's likely to be cold, wet, heavy snow. So the bigger problem is that your S will likely find the winter somewhat cold and very wet. He will need something that can go through puddles and still keep his feet dry. But he could just as well buy the waterproof, weatherproof shoes once he gets there and sees what the other kids wear when they want to keep their feet dry.</p>

Don't be upset when he tells you that his feet are getting too cold in his flip flops.....


<p>I bet people think you are kidding! College students in Philly wear flip flops 'til Christmas break and then typically switch to their "winter" footwear - wet tennis shoes.</p>



<p>If I were a college kid, knowing what I know about wintery slush living near Boston, and I could hoodwink, bamboozle, or otherwise okie doke my mom into springing for $100 to keep her baby's tootsies toasty, I would jump at the chance to get a pair of Gore Tex trail shoes such as these:</p>

<p>The</a> North Face Ultra 104 Gore-Tex XCR Trail-Running Shoes - Men's at</p>

<p>Are they going to keep your feet dry hiking in the Himalayas or snow blowing a path through 3 foot drifts? No. But, they will keep your feet dry in the puddles and slush typically found on Philly sidewalks and pathways, plus double as a pair of sneakers for cold weather, muddy days, etc. You wouldn't even have to tell any of your friends that your feet aren't soaking wet in your sneakers.</p>

<p>Every major athletic shoe and outdoor apparrel company sells a version of this shoe in Gore Tex or equivalent water resistant unobtanium. They are all expensive as heck. Tell your boy not to be a dummy if mom wants to spring for a pair of shoes!</p>

<p>Tell him that, if he doesn't eat his peas, you'll make him wear these:</p>

<p>Sorel</a> Caribou Boots - Men's at</p>

<p>The official snow boot of New Englanders. Tim the Toolman Taylor snow boots. Canadian, eh? They aren't kidding about 40 below zero. These things are so waterproof and so warm that you don't even have to wear socks in a blizzard and you can't wait to take them off because your feet are so hot. They also weigh about 15 pounds each. </p>

<p>No college kid would be caught dead in real snow boots.</p>

And he was told...not to bring his UGGS...way too!!


<p>Both of my midwest daughters ended up at east coast schools, and got Uggs. They were in the majority.</p>

<p>Let your son know that uggs are everywhere where i am on the jersey shore, have been for years, so I expect they are in Philly, too, though I have never understood how they hold up with all the winter slush. I agree though, that for most kids, it is flip flops to wet sneakers. As my S got older though, he did move to a waterproof hiking boot for winter.</p>

<p>I suggest Timberland boots - just the plain light brown ones. My son insisted he didnt need them in Indiana but his sister who goes to Penn convinced him that guys do wear them and that they are cool.</p>

<p>What about boots for women? My D. is headed to Philly. She needs new boots but her plan is to hold off until she sees what everyone else is wearing. Any suggestions at this point?</p>

<p>For the college women? Uggs. Absolutely. The girls wear them all the time ... it's one of those interesting look things with the dress, the tights, and the uggs.</p>

<p>I personally wear my Uggs to work every day ... with jeans or cords ... casual work setting. The kids all think I am very cool!</p>

<p>I don't think there is one right shoe or boot. I agree that it's makes the most sense for the kids to buy what they want when their feet get cold. I also think what's "cold" is relative. My daughter, who went to the school in the midwest, said you could always tell the kids from SoCal because they would be hauling out their winter coats before anyone else. My boys usually wear hoodies as winter coats until about January.</p>

<p>My D goes to school in the suburbs of Boston, and says that UGGs are plentiful on her campus. She has a pair of sheepskin-lined leather boots by Uggs. D also recommends getting a pair of lined rainboots - according to her, they are a must in the fall in NE.</p>

<p>My boys and I have been wearing the Lands End all weather Moc Men's</a> All Weather Mocs from Lands' End for many years. They slip on, they're water proof, they last for years and they're not too heavy or expensive. They are also available for women (and children). I live in upstate NY and this works just fine 90% of the time. If he decides he needs something waterproof after he gets to Philly you can always order these and have them shipped to him</p>

<p>He has a pair of these Sorel Caribou Boots - Men's at, that he takes when he goes snowboarding, all the lift operators wear them...they don't really wear these at school, do they?</p>

<p>He is use to an average 75 degrees, he will have his hoodie out when it hits 65...he needs to get his bolod thickened up...soon!!</p>

He has a pair of these Sorel Caribou Boots - Men's at, that he takes when he goes snowboarding, all the lift operators wear them...they don't really wear these at school, do they?


<p>No. I wear them in New England. College kids don't wear them. Honestly, they would be total overkill for campus in Philly. There might be one day in four years with enough snow that he would be trudging around in deep snow on uncleared pathways. Really, the issue is more slush, puddles, and wet than super cold or deep snow. The water can't run off sidewalks and parking lots, so you often get waterlogged, slushy snow an inch deep that will just soak your feet in tennis shoes.</p>

<p>If he liked something along those lines, but for much more temperate climates and walking on wet, slushy, shoveled campus pathways, LLBEAN makes a slip-on moc in the same style. These would be fantastic, roll out of bed, slap 'em on your feet, head to class shoes, if he would wear them:</p>

<p>L.L.Bean</a> Boots, Rubber Moc: Bean Boots at L.L.Bean</p>

<p>They make them low-cut, mid-cut, high-cut, slip on, or lace up. The lo cut, in either slip on or lace up would be ideal for 99.9% of rainy, slushy, Philly fall, winter, spring nasty days.</p>

<p>Wisconsin son hasn't worn boots since required in elementary school- shoes only in MS, HS or college here (boots that fit have been in our closet waiting for his use for many years now). I would wait to buy boots for any school for two reasons. First, need to find out what they want and others wear and secondly, the best slection of appropriate footwear may be available closer to the cold season and in the location worn. Consider buying them over Thanksgiving or winter break.</p>