Winter Jacket

<p>I'm from the NY Metro area so I'm somewhat used to harsh winters, but I usually just wear more of a technical ski jacket. I was thinking of buying a legit down jacket for NU. Does anyone have any good recommendations? Also, are snow boots a necessity? P.S. I'm a guy.</p>

<p>Yeah, down jackets are useful. It gets colder here then NY, especially at its peak. Theres lots of down jacket brands, depending on your price range. Make sure though it has a hoodie that can cover most of your face (drawstrings/elastic/whatever). </p>

<p>Snow boots? I'd just make sure you have a pair of boots in general, for walking on ice more than anything. A decent number of people wear Wellys, but I've never liked them.</p>

<p>You can pretty much get through most days with a beanie, down jacket, wool socks (!!!!!), and a pair of boots if your a guy. Some days I rock the long underwear but usually it gets too hot once you get inside.</p>

<p>The very best you can do is a down leather jacket/ leather jacket with real sheepskin/wool liner. Nothing stops wind like leather, and they're realllllly warm. Think old-school bomber jackets. I am also a huge fan of scarves/ neck warmers.</p>

<p>As for boots, anything is fine, but if you dont like the risk of snow in your shoes, get snow boots. I personally just use hightop merrils.</p>