Winter Quarter

<p>my school goes by quarter system, so i was wondering if UCs care about winter quarter grades? i know they care about fall quarter and not spring quarter.</p>

<p>no, don't care about winter</p>

<p>^^ okay! thanks! so basically fall quarter was the moment to impress the UCs with grades, right? so winter and spring quarter is all about just passing the class?</p>

<p>yep. but of course, you would still have to meet certain conditions for winter/spring, like maybe they'll say something along the lines of "must maintain at least a B in Calc II" or something like that upon accepting you</p>

<p>@strive101: thanks for the information! very helpful! i have a question about something else. so i want to go to ucsd and my gpa is 3.47 now. i only need to take 2 classes or 3(if they offer the course this spring) for ucsd. uci requires those 2-3 classes plus 2 additional ones. should i bother to take those 2 additional classes or just aim for ucsd? uci is like my back up school</p>

<p>^You're welcome. </p>

<p>If i were you, I would take those two classes for UCI just to be safe. You should always have a plan B :)</p>

<p>I've been wondering about this too, since I'm also on the quarter system.</p>

<p>Where are you getting this information, strive101? The UC can't actually ask us to maintain a certain grade for winter, since our winter quarter grades are published before admissions. I agree it's unlikely they really consider it, seeing as only three community colleges even use the quarter system, but there's no real way for them to set up conditions before they even admit us...</p>

<p>^I'm at UCR on the quarter system. Some of my friends have applied last year and they said the UCs only consider up till Fall. My winter quarter ends in mid-March, and I believe some UCSD acceptances come during that time, right? So It wouldn't make much sense anyway if we're asked to update our winter grades.</p>