Wisconsin = owned !!!

<p>Rose Bowl here we come!</p>

<p>granted thats if we get pass OSU...</p>

<p>I'm guessing we'll end up playing Cal. I have a feeling we'd lose that game, especially since its in california... still cool nonetheless</p>

<p>since when does Cal have an awesome football team?</p>

<p>Berkeley has always had a strong athletic program, but it has just been overshadowed by all the hippies and protests...I guess that's why they refer to the academic institution as UC Berkeley and the sports programs as Cal...just kidding. Yeah...OSU definately lost momentum after the clarrett scandal so they should be no problem. It might not, however, be against Cal. The rose bowl only guarentees the big10/pac10 champs, and since usc will most likely play in the finals, it could be any team in the top rankings.</p>