Wisdom or Well-being?

<p>Which one would you choose? Would you rather forfeit your health to study like crazy, or would you rather be healthy and not-so-academic?</p>

<p>Wisdom suggests well-being, imo.</p>

<p>No one answered the question yet so I'll go ahead and say that I'd rather be healthy.</p>

<p>The wise do not sacrifice their health to study.</p>

<p>609, what people have been doing is claiming that the OP presented a false dichotomy. That's how we've been answering the question.</p>

<p>There are two proper ways I can read this question: </p>

<li>"Choose between hard-fought success or mediocrity and health."</li>

<p>Neither, though I lean in the way of success, though my personal definition of it makes the question hard to answer. As I see success, it includes maintenance of health, protection of family, loyalty to friends. To be successful in these arenas and in the arena of accomplishment as society defines it-- and as I partially define it-- requires great effort. </p>

<li>"Choose between wisdom and well-being."</li>

<p>Your original question, before you complicated it in your followup comments, is easier to answer. I choose well-being, because wisdom comes with bad experiences, and I'd rather be happy, intelligent, successful, and unwise, than grow old and look back on my life only to feel the bitter regret that is the genesis of earned wisdom.</p>

<p>I'ld rather be healthy than study like crazy</p>

<p>however, I'ld rather be wise than healthy</p>

<p>knowledge doesn't equate to wisdom</p>

<p>I would rather be healthy and not so academic.</p>

<p>Well-being over wisdom. If you are depressed all the time, how good would life be?</p>

<p>And as we all know, highschoolers are the best sources of advice for these things :)</p>