wish had chosen ucla

<p>that's it. just wanted you guys to know i made a big mistake.</p>

<p>Huge mistake.</p>

<p>What do you want to accomplish by telling us this? Pity? Sympathy?</p>

<p>If your so bummed out, you can always transfer. It is your personality who creates the experience, so if you have this big pessimistic attitude, that's what you'll get in return.</p>

<p>I think it's weird that as a commuter I love it here but many on-campus people seem to be dissatisfied. You'd think it'd be the opposite. Something in the waterrr</p>

<p>Could you share why you don't like Cal and think UCLA would have been better for you?</p>

<p>i hate berkeley because it's dirty, the people are rude, there are homeless people everyhwere, the bus drivers who won't let you on if you're a second too late, no hot dudes, all this theory ******** (even though i know ucla is the same).......i could go on forever. but it makes me want to cry....</p>

<p>I'M SO HOMESICK!!</p>

<p>poor you....all hail berkeley's dirty homeless people!</p>

<p>Just take it one day at a time. You'll get use to it. But didn't you know Berkeley is famous for it's homeless people? :)</p>

<p>i knew the Berkeley was located in the dumps, but since i'm such a prestige whore, i didn't care.</p>

<p>so..i guess i deserve these feelings of regret. still doesn't make it any less painful though.</p>

<p>I get the impression you are just homesick. If you dislike public transportation here, UCLA is worse. Make the most out of what you have though, that's all you can do for now.</p>

<p>Yes, the city of Berkeley is not the cleanest place in the world, but few places can compare to Orange County. If you look hard enough back home, there are regions of OC that are comparable to Berkeley. Most urban cities are "dirty," this is not the suburbs anymore. When considering options to live off-campus next year, consider finding a place in the Berkeley Hills. Coming from the north should be more aesthetically appealing and the area is less populated with "migrants" (as the city calls homeless persons), for sure.</p>

<p>Yes, I agree that Berkeley people are rude. Sometimes people don't know when to hold their tongues, for their own sake and for everyone else's sakes included. However, I find this problem is best addressed when you initiate kindness; I think you'd find people to be surprising nice and courteous.</p>

<p>Yes, the bus drivers aren't saints. But then again, do you really expect them to cater to your schedule? They drive the same darn routes every day and have to deal with those <em>rude</em> peoples we referred to. Everyone has bad exeriences with the bus system, but then again, no bus system is perfect. The bus service here is roughly similar to that offered in OC.</p>

<p>Yes, Cal does not have a lot of hot people. Consider this a challenge. Make a game out of it. You're just not looking in the right places.</p>

<p>I'm sure your feelings about Berkeley will change as time goes on. However, your perceived problems will not redress themselves for your comfort. Put yourself in better positions as you learn about new opportunities and try to enjoy yourself. However, don't go and say something foolish, utterly ridiculously, unbelievably stupid as "I wish I had chosen UCLA." For goodness sakes, no. =)</p>

Yes, Cal does not have a lot of hot people. Consider this a challenge. Make a game out of it.


<p>There's a ridiculously hot girl in my math 54 class. It's DISTRACTING. It may be better that there's less good looking people.</p>

<p>I'm sorry tallkell. To be honest, I really had a hard time living here the first two weeks, though for different reasons. I had a hard time hanging out with new people every single night and not having a group of friends that I could hang out with every day like at home. I texted my friends back home all the time about how much it sucked. Since then it's gotten a lot better though and now I'm loving every minute up here...well, except for all the work.</p>

<p>I hope things turn out better for you; maybe as time goes on, you'll forget all that dirtiness and hopefully you'll love Berkeley. </p>

<p>A little off topic, but in regards to the "hot people" discussion that comes up in many threads: I've seen a lot of hot girls (and guys, not that I'm into that,) around here. I guess I am just a little easier to please.</p>

<p>There is always at least one hot girl in my class (if none of them are, stretch your imagination: it's class after all, use of your brain is required); otherwise, I wouldn't even go to class.</p>

<p>unnecessarily hot, I'm glad you're lovin' Cal, that's great to hear!</p>

<p>There's a reason why upperclassmen caution freshmen not to be too ambitious, be it in scheduling or trying for research position or the like. Adjustment does not come easy to all; in fact, I would venture to say that most have an extremely difficult time get acquainted with new environments and, unfortunately, there's even a small population who never make those adjustments. It's difficult to gauge, at first, to what degree unhappiness off-campus affects your studies and overall demeanor. In Talkell's case, and extending this to the many more silent and troubled freshmen peers out there, we can clearly see just how damaging unhappiness can be to one's psyche. </p>

<p>Be proactive. Proper public policy is not for Cal or the city of Berkeley to facilitate our every wants and desires, but it's up to the individual to seek out great experiences. I'm a second-year and I would say that last year had many wonderful experiences. There was also some very low hours and that's not unusual. I didn't get the opportunity to play golf last year, but it wasn't as though I was actively seeking it out. Now that I have a car, I have the opportunity to go up to Tilden whenever I feel like it. Nowadays, I feel even better than last year, even though last year was very much tolerable, because I'm doing something I love on top of getting that nice, cool air on the hills and smell of fresh pine. This is an example of still adoring the Berkeley campus environment, bypassing the "Telegraph Avenue Lens," and still leading an amazingly fulfilling lifestyle in the Bay Area.</p>

<p>I've said it a million times, but I'll say it once more:</p>

<p>The only people that say that there aren't any hot guys/girls at Cal are people that are just trying to cover up for the fact that they can't get ANYONE!!!!!!!!! Its pathetic!!!!!!!! Come up with a new excuse!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Homesickness passes, its been many years since I experienced it but it will pass. Making a decision about whether you should be at Cal or another university while you are in the "homesick stage" is not a good idea. Fortunately my freshman at Cal is not experiencing what you are tallkell, but his older sister did and so my heart reaches out to you. Trust me, the homesickness will go away and you may end up loving Cal!! If you leave before you get past this stage you may later regret it. Try to make it through this semester, there are great people at Cal for you to talk to, go find them. Good luck!!</p>


"If you're bored with Berkeley, you're bored with life."
- Clark Kerr


<p>You are really messing up somewhere if you're that desperate to get out of here.</p>

I've seen a lot of hot girls (and guys, not that I'm into that,) around here. I guess I am just a little easier to please.


<p>Not the latter; there is an abundance of attractive people here, you just aren't going to find them very easily (gotta love sports recruits).</p>

<p>tallkell, don't wait anymore. get involved and make some friends! it will make your experience so much better.</p>

<p>What's wrong with homeless people?</p>