With only two weeks of (spring break) left...

<p>how will you all be passing the time? Personally, I tried to maintain a very unruffled attitude about the whole college application sit., but, well, very annoyingly, to put it bluntly--my visits to cc have been bordering obsessive.</p>

<p>I have the next week off, so I'm planning to go out to the city a lot... maybe write a little bit. How is everyone else keeping busy and their minds off it all?</p>

<li>watching Flight of the Conchords over and over again.</li>
<li>read the Idiot</li>
<li>Super Smash Brawl</li>

<p>this is my spring holiday week and I cannot stop thinking about college. What a waste of a break. I was gonna have a lot of fun with my friends but they all abandoned me for exotic vacation places and my parents are home so I can't even freak out without being yelled at to do chores.</p>

<p>^I want to play Brawl, but I can't get it away from my bro and his friends. D:</p>

<p>Watching House reruns :)</p>

<p>House reruns!! I'm so upset that the next episode doesn't come until the end of April... but I always have my boxed Gilmore Girls set and I heard Dancer in the Dark is really good</p>

<li>Brawl and GHIII</li>
<li>Mythology, periodicals</li>
<li>AP Vergil, Calc, Economics, and Psych</li>


<p>Ah, let me see. Prom dress shopping.. working out to fit in that dress.. spending time with my boyfriend (who has very opposite goals than mine, so that helps me keep my mind off my college issues).. maybe go camping?! Break should be fun. :)</p>

<p>edit: I forgot.. LOTS of mythbusters!</p>

<p>waiitng for my duke deicison will help pass the time a bit...then another week of waiting till pton!</p>

<p>berkeley decisions, bc calc, halo 3, cod4, sleep, and i (third i think) house re-runs...try to watch every episode, in order, from "Pilot" to "Don't Ever Change"...I'll keep you all posted ;)</p>

<p>Same as Cory...waiting for the Duke decision to pass the time. Oh, and I'm in the Caribbean -- it's a good place to pass the time :)</p>

<p>watch 21 ten times</p>

<p>lol 6 AP exams to study for... i got plenty to do with my time... managing my portfolio anyway</p>

<p>Another way to pass the time = laughing at this blog: </p>

<p>Stuff</a> White People Like. It is SO true. If anyone has read this, what would you add to this list? I would add:</p>

<li>Using Google Calendar, Gmail, Picasa, or other Google software</li>
<li>The Peace Corps, Teach for America, and Doctors Without Borders</li>
<li>Talking about non-controversial international politics (e.g. political stuff all their white friends support -- things like saving Darfur, building schools in exotic places, treaties everyone wants to ratify, etc).</li>
<li>Using the word "y'all" in email messages</li>
<li>Being self-deprecating by talking about how one's wife/children/significant other teases him/her (e.g. "my children always tease me because I blackberry in bed" or "my girlfriend can't stand that I leave the used coffee filter in the pot")</li>

<p>Going from Duke to Boston to home. Unless I get into P-Ton. Then back out to New Jersey for students' weekend. :D</p>

<p>Haha I couldn't get myself off the "Stuff White People Like" list for 'bout an hour (:</p>

<p>Also, I def recommend watching HBO's John Adams! Instead of giggling and painting each others' nails, my friend & I sat down to watch it (with marshmallow bunnies), screaming "Go John Adams!" during part 1.</p>

<p>that is such a great list.</p>

<p>I'll be waiting for my spring break to freaking start... so damn late this year.... -_-</p>