Withdraw on Transcript


<p>I know this has asked countless times but I am currently taking a 1 credit class and I think I will be getting a C or so. </p>

<p>I am currently a sophomore and I cannot have a C on my transcript so I am planning to withdraw the class but would it look really bad on my transcript if I am aiming to go to Yale for grad school?</p>

<p>A C is not going to kill your academic success especially:
1) . . .if it is in a class not relevant to your major
2) . . .since most graduate programs put the most weight in the last 60 units (ie on average two years) of your career</p>

<p>An outlier will not kill evidence of an overall positive trend.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. The class is actually required for my major... so would you recommend just keeping the class?</p>

<p>I've had a W on my transcripts 3 times in four year, I have still gotten interviews at top schools.</p>

<p>I have also had 1 C.</p>

<p>can i ask which top schools they were? and whether your C was in your underclassman years? </p>

<p>i'm just worried that my C will affect my gpa.... and i desperately want to get into Yale.</p>

<p>I am also wondering if getting a W will be a big deal to grad schools.</p>

<p>A C in a one credit class will have less of an impact that a C in a three or four credit class. Keep it and try for a B.</p>

<p>At this point I say it depends on the major, the importance of the course, and whether it is upper division or lower. Even if it is a required course, a C isn't a killer. I got a C in a course that you have to take; hasn't hampered my acceptance rate one bit.</p>