Withdraw vs Incomplete

<p>I know what an withdraw is...but what is the meaning of incomplete?</p>

<p>Do they equal to each other?</p>

<p>A withdrawal means that you were enrolled in a class but before the end of the semester you decided you did not want to take the course any longer and request the Registrar to terminate your enrollment in the class. You receive a W instead of a grade and are not granted any credit for whatever work you might have done prior to your withdrawal.</p>

<p>An Incomplete, I, is a temporary grade given to a student who remained enrolled in the class to the end of the semester but did not finish a critical component of the course work, usually due to some extenuating circumstances, and the instructor gives the student a certain amount of additional time to complete the required work. If the work is completed satisfactorally in the time stipulated the I is replaced with a grade and you can receive credit for the course. If you fail to complete the missing work in a timely manner a grade will be assigned on the basis of what you did complete and you will only receive credit for the course if you earn a passing grade.</p>