Withdrawal from a Class

<p>I'm currently in a Business Administration major, but in the fall I'm switching to Clinical Lab Tech. As such, one of the classes I'm taking this semester is Marketing. I could get an A in this class if I wanted to, no problem. That would be reason enough to continue taking it, were it not for my GPA already being 3.87. The difficulty here is I'm unemployed and having a lot of trouble finding a job, likely due to my extremely limited liability. I have a 3 hour break in my class schedule before Marketing and the class is an hour long. If I were not in this class, I would be able to add 12 hours each week to my availability, making it a lot easier to find a job because my availability would fit perfectly with the evening shift. I would still be a full-time student if I were to withdraw from this class, so my financial aid award won't change or anything, but how badly would this affect my transcript and how much would that matter in the field I want to enter? I've never withdrawn from a class before and don't plan to do so again. </p>