Withdrawal from the university.


So I signed up for a summer class at my university (Texas A&M) and I did not realize that the class I signed up for was for the entire summer. I thought I signed up for Summer II but apparently I did not. I did not realize I was signed up for this course (for the entire summer) until I received an email from the professor about the exam the following day. I have no way to pay for the course right now nor does it fit in my schedule which was my whole reasoning behind paying it for summer II. I figured they would drop me for non payment, or even send me notification of paying for the class and such, but I was not notified anything until it was too late. Ive only taken summer classes at community colleges and they would split their classes based on which summer session it was taught rather than compile every summer class into a “Summer” tab.

Does anyone have experience from withdrawing from university? I was told if I withdrew, I would not have to pay, but I have no idea how bad a W looks. I could consider a Q drop but that would also be bad as you are limited to them and typically only used as a last resort. If I Q drop, the grade will not be there but i would still have to pay, unless I fight for an appeal.

Any idea on what I should do?

I realize that this was my mistake but I have not been to class at all, and I believe I can prove that to them.

A W on a summer course isn’t the worst possible thing you could have on your transcript - it’s a lot better than an F. Obviously it isn’t ideal but I don’t think it’ll radically impact your plans for or after undergrad.

Contact the dean of students or the finance office asap and make sure you have withdrawn properly and not just failed because you didn’t show up.

Once you have withdrawn properly, do not worry about a summer W.