Withdrawal/repeat courses- affect chances at top MBA programs?

<p>One year out of college
School: University of Virginia 2009
Double Degree in Physics and Finance
Currently: investment banking analyst at a top bulge bracket investment bank
Undergrad GPA: 3.978/4.0, Summa Cum Laude
GMAT: 760</p>

<p>Activities: fraternity president, head chair of campus advisory board, habitat for humanity president. involved in each of these activities throughout all of college.</p>

<p>POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: I withdrew from 3 courses throughout the duration of my undergrad career, each in different semesters. I'm afraid this will send bad signals.
Also, I carelessly received two B's in very easy classes my first semester and repeated both courses in my junior year to boost my GPA because A. I had extra space in my schedule and knew it would not be a hassle to just add the two courses, and B. it would make me eligible to receive Latin honors (summa cum laude) upon graduation</p>

<p>I want to get an MBA to develop skills and go into a consulting-based position at a nonprofit. My dream MBA programs are Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton. How bad with the W's and repeats look, and how should I try and explain/make up for them in my application?</p>