Withdrawal "W" on College Course


I am a HS student, and I took 3 courses at a local state university during the 4-week intensive summer intersession. One of them was an upper division course, and it was too demanding (partly due to not having enough fundamentals), and so I had to drop with a W (not affecting GPA). I got As on my other 2 courses, so I still maintain a 4.0 GPA.

I have never dropped a course in my academic history, and I have straight As for my HS and dual enrollment community college course.

My question is: how badly would this “W” on my state university transcript affect my college admissions, for top private colleges?


Not badly. Just explain what happened/why (or have your GC do so).

@“Erin’s Dad”

If it is a legitimate reason would it have no impact?

I don’t think you need to focus on the legitimacy of the reason for withdrawal. Taking three courses during a 4 week period is a lot.

Personally I think trying to explain it will only serve to draw attention to it. It is one grade out of what… 26-30?

Yes, it is a bit murky and maybe you’d rather it not be there, but at least it is not a bad grade.

You are a high school student. You were taking three university courses. I do not think that there is any problem that you only stuck with two of them. You still completed two university courses in only 4 weeks, and got A’s in both of them, while you were still only a high school student.

I do not think that there is anything to explain. I do not think that there is any problem here at all.

One withdrawal should not be a problem.