Withdrawals and how they will affect my transfer app...

I'm a second year community college student on my last quarter before graduating with an Associates in Science. I recently had to withdraw from a calc class the previous two quarters, however, so far I am looking to come out of it with a solid "A" this latest quarter (among two other classes). Being honest, I am wholeheartedly terrible at math (of course this would not be the reasoning I'd use in any potential interview), in all actuality I blame the fact that I work 30+ hours a week so it's hard to devote a lot of time. The two quarters in which I withdrew from the class, I had a 3.9 (with three other courses) and a 3.7 (with two other courses) respectively, and I'm sitting at a 3.47 college cumulative currently (not counting this latest quarter). My grades appear to be on an upward swing discounting the withdrawals. I'm not looking to go anywhere special (ideally, I'd like to go to Western Washington University) or major in any really competitive fields. My planned major is in Sociology (in which, I've aced my pre-reqs) and I'm still undecided on whether or not I want to go grad school.</p>

In total, I have three withdrawals from 130+ credits and what will most likely be a 3.5+ CCum GPA - also bear in mind that I will also be coming out with a two year "degree"; how greatly will these affect my applications in transferring to an in-state university?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for your time and consideration on the matter.</p>