Withdrawing an ED App

<p>My sister has applied ED to Scripps. After visiting for 3 days, she decided that it was most definitely not the school for her. So, the question is: is it possible to withdraw her application at this point in time? Should she call the admissions office or write a letter? Would there be any serious negative repercussions? As the notification date is quickly approaching, we would appreciate a quick response. Thanks.</p>

<p>Call and write ASAP.</p>

<p>If they won't withdraw the application (although they probably will), she could ask for it to be deferred to the RD round.</p>

<p>I'm trying to talk her into just deferring (I didn't know that was an option...); she's usually pretty indecisive and may change her mind in a month or so...or maybe tomorrow. :P Thanks for responding. :)</p>